Our Philly Day Trip featuring Thomas and Christie James

Thomas & Christie spend the day shopping and touring Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. First stop, Philadelphia Mills in the Northeastern section. Next, it’s across the Delaware River to New Jersey and more shopping. Finally, they end up taking photos at The Phila Art Museum, Boathouse Row and The Philadelphia Zoo. What a day. Now it’s time to rest up for tomorrow’s adventure.


See the full video at this link:⬇️


2 thoughts on “Our Philly Day Trip featuring Thomas and Christie James

    1. Linda I took the couple with me when my husband and I spent the day with my son. Many of the shots were from the backseat of a moving car. I had to make sure I didn’t dump them out of the window onto I-95! It turned out kinda realistic – even when they posed outside of a Dollar Tree at Philadelphia Mills.. Thanks again.

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