Brotherly Love: I’ll Be There 

Dinner is now done and the Rodriguez family are relaxing while enjoying conversations. As usual, Alex aka Popi, is giving his children some valuable wisdom. Understanding his daughter Chica’s loneliness, he encourages her not to settle.      Popi, I just basically told Chica the same thing. She has far too much going for her to settle on someone who only satisfies her for a minute or two. (Hill)

Yes Sis… Wait for the man who knows what a true gem of a woman you are. I did and look what I got! (Ashanti)  Chica, why are you in such of a hurry now? Girl you’d better enjoy your youth ’cause when it’s gone, it’s gone. (Brandi)   Baby girl, you’re only 19. Listen to Brandi….you should be having the time of your life… Popi & Hill have said, wait on the man who will cherish every moment of your life together. (Dena)Ah yes….I remember, with vivid clarity, the day I found your mother. I thought to myself and said to my brother Santana, “Look at this lovely Batido de Chocolate! I have found the woman prepared to be la espousa… Mi reina… queen. Since that moment, I have been blessed. And now look…we sit here so many years later still madly in love, with the best family one could ever dream of. That, Buena Chica, is why I say to you wait….wait for el hombre prepared for one such as you. (Alex) Popi, I would be a fool not to listen to your words of wisdom. I know that my forever love is out looking for me and it may be years before we meet….until then, I won’t do anything dumb. (Chica)  Are we all cool now baby sis? Or do we have to lock you in a tower?! (Hill)

They all laugh until the doorbell rings.  I’ll get that. (Alex)  When Alex opens the door, he could hardly believe his eyes. Standing before him are his two younger brothers, Miguel and Santana. Thought to be on a world cruise, they had decided to surprise their older brother by stopping by unannounced.  Oh my goodness…Debo ester soñando! Santana, Miguel….what are you doing here?! ¿Cuándo volver a casa –  I thought you were still on your cruise around the globe. (Alex)    Big brother, we got back this morning and decided it would be good to surprise you. From his response, Migueul, I believe we have succeeded. (Santana)

Si, si….we did just as we had planned! What’s up familia? It’s so good to see you all here together. This has turned into a treat for us also!  Now, where is my gorgeous la cuñada? (Miguel)
  Miguel hugs his sister-in-law, as Santana makes his way around the room.  Look at this big strong person! What a man you have become, Hill. You should be called “Mountain” now, for you are no longer a hill! LOL And who is this magnificent creation? (Santana)Uncle Santa, you flatter me with your kind words. Surly, you remember my lovely wife Ashanti and our little heart Tara. (Hill)

I could never forget being in the presence of such loveliness. Hola mi estimado. And my great niece Tara, I can eat you up! (Santana)  Uncle Santa…I’m sooo glad to see you! You and Uncle Miguel are just who I need to see today! I love you so much! (Chica)

Buena Chica, Buena Chica…..always the light of my day! Oh how I adore my Buena Chica.   And Bradley Santana…my namesake….mi amigo…mi hombre divertido….the funny man. Is this picture of grace your wife? (Santana) Ha ha ha…Uncle Santa. You slay me….ha ha ha….and yes, this bodacious babe is my lady love Brandi. (Brad)

Bodacious babe…oh my goodness Brad….Hello Uncle Santana, it’s fantastic to see you again. (Brandi)

Hello my flower. I see that you are well and taking great care of my comedian nephew.   And now, the one who got away and landed in the heart of my big brother. Dena, my heart, I see that you still capture the beats of my heart. You will forever be my true love. (Santana)

Oh Santana, you always know just what to say to win the hearts of all around you! You are still a charmer, my brother. (Dena)
    As Miguel moves to the center of the room, he is thronged by his niece and nephews. Hugs and kisses are poured on him. As he sits down, Tara decides to climb on his lap to give him a kiss.

Now THIS makes this entire trip worth it all. To receive love from you Tara, is the best thing for me! (Miguel)    Ready to talk with his brothers, Alex sits on the ottoman directly in front of his brother Miguel, as Santana joins the two.  The two younger brothers tell their family about their year-long cruise around the world and their wishes that they all were there. Captivated by their uncles’ adventures, all of the siblings and their wives station themselves around their uncle, in order to hear every detail.   The two brothers go on for what seems to be an eternity. Eventually, Alex offers them a meal.

No thank you Alex…we are still full from eating continuously. Actually, I do have some important announcements to make. (Santana)

Wait, mi hermano……..I will tell it. (Miguel)

For Christsake mi amigos, nos dicen lo que es!!!! (Alex)

Yeah…tell us…tell us!!  (Everyone) In English too. (Chica)

Well, here goes… While on our trip of a lifetime, both Santa and I found the loves of our lives, as we were away this year. I found my love in Nigeria and Santa found his in Portugal. My love is native African but Santa’s amor is from Atlanta. Imagine that…from right in the USA. (Miguel)

Well, mi hermano…. Where are they? When do we meet them? (Alex)

There’s more, Alex. (Taking a deep breath) While we were in Greece, we all decided that we should be married, so we did just that. We both got married. (Miguel)¿CASADO ¿CASADO …..Oh, this is more than I have ever dreamed of. Both of my little brothers married! ¿Dónde están mis hermanas nuevas  They are back in our hotel rooms freshening up from our journey. We thought it best to come first and give you our great news. Please tell us that you are happy for us and that you forgive us for forgoing the usual festivities. We’ve all put out so much on our trips that it seemed foolish to prolong marriage for the sake of a couple of parties. (Santana)

Our hearts ached because our families were not there to witness our joy, but we knew that everyone would understand. (Miguel)
 A hush came upon the room, as everyone eagerly awaited a response from Alex. Still amazed by his brothers announcement, Alex lowers his head and just as quickly, he raises it, his hand and voice.

Well… This is time for a jubilant celebration! At last my brothers will taste the sweet nectar of a true love, as I have enjoyed for so many marvelous years. To be married is most wonderful, when you have a love such as I. Santana, Miguel, you have brought much happiness to our home. I, as I know the rest of the family will say, cannot wait to meet the two angels who have swept you off of your feet. We must have for you a receptión in honor of this momentous ocasión! (Alex)

Yes, My Love….I can hardly believe my ears. I wholeheartedly agree with my Alex; everything he’s expressed is absolutely true. Congratulations my dear brothers….I can hardly speak for holding back my tears…and on top of that, I’m so excited to have two new sisters! And yes, we will throw you a reception that you’ll never forget!! (Dena) In the background, there is the sound of the rest of the family expressing excitement and agreements.

Yes Uncles, we’ll have a huge celebration for you and our new aunties. (Chica)  Familia, familia…we are overjoyed that you have taken our news so well….but please, you are under no obligation to throw a celebration. (Santana)

I absolutely agree with Santa, my loves….it is more than enough for us that you are so happy to know we have found our true loves…..please don’t oblige yourselves on our behalf. (Miguel)

El disparate! (Alex) Yes Sweetheart….that is nonsense! It is our pleasure…our gift of love to you and your brides….please don’t break our hearts with this. (Dena)

Santana and Miguel look at one another and then around the room at the adoring faces of their family and then back to one another. They both shrug their shoulders and with excitement, they agree to be honored.

Brother, sister, family….have your way….we will not stand in the way of you expressing your love and happiness for us. (Santana)

Now that that’s settled, when are we going to meet these globetrotting heartthrobs Uncs? (Brad)

Yes, it is time for us to meet our newest family members. Since I know that your ladies are tired tonight, please, why don’t you join us tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner and the celebratión will commence!! (Alex)

Great suggestion Mi esposo seeet! Come earlier so that we may first get aquatinted with sus esposas. (Dena)

This sounds like a plan. Until tomorrow. (Miguel)

Stay tuned to meet the brides on………….

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8 thoughts on “Brotherly Love: I’ll Be There 

  1. This story is great, your dolls and dioramas are perfect for the story telling! I’m going to take my time tomorrow to read your blog from the beginning, I love doll photo stories :-). I’ll check out the videos too. Thank you for your visit to my blog, and I look forward to read yours!


  2. I could swear I read and commented on this before, but since I didn’t, I will now. This room is set up nicely. I like the green. I hope we get to see a double wedding.

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    1. Hahaha. You may have seen this before, as I had reposted it because I’d never posted it on my Facebook page(DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova). This is an earlier dio. Sorry Lovee, no weddings; they’re already hitched. I am toying with the idea of a reception, though.


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