Do You Really Have To Leave: Morning at the Hudson’s

Enjoy “Do You Really Have To Leave: Morning at the Hudson’s” Ernie Hudson is feeling a bit playful this morning but his wife Terri has an early morning meeting. Wishing she could stay, she plays along until she really has to leave. Before she leaves, she assists her hubby with choosing an outfit for his day of work. Once she’s gone, reality sets in when little Ernie Jr. bounces into the room. Oh well, it’s Daddy time. Time for breakfast, daycare and work. 

This should be fun…..Let’s see if you can come up with the dialogue for the pictures. Write your dialogue in the comments below and maybe I’ll use yours in the story! 

See you this evening…stay tuned for part 2….

Check out the sleigh bed in the story; would you believe it’s actually a man’s jewelry box which I tweaked and made a mattress for. Thrifted for $1.00!! Woohoo


2 thoughts on “Do You Really Have To Leave: Morning at the Hudson’s

  1. You really have great furniture! It’s fun to find something and make doll furniture out of it isn’t it :-). I think we develop an eye for such things, yesterday I found a little empty box of chocolates (with little compartments) in my accessories box, and realized I had saved it to make a book case out of it :-).

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