Yup….Its A Process

It takes a lot of props, time, space, creativity and yes, money to produce a VideoStory or PhotoStory. 

Blogging is not for the faint of heart. You see, after you do all of the work, it’s quite possible that no one will be interested in what you have poured your heart into. There may be any number of reasons why this happens but, it does. I say you have to be strong and love what you are doing FOR YOURSELF! You can’t wait to get validation from the outside if you haven’t already validated yourself on the inside.

Here are a few pictures of my props, cast members and staging equipment. Mind you, this is only a fraction, as I have some in another area (my dining room). I have countless numbers of dolls and additional props.

  My favorite staging area is my dining room table, which now needs to be refinished, due to the wear and tear.  Here’s a sample staging  video that I made for my last story. Excuse the mess because when I start, junk flies everywhere until its cleanup time. LOL    
   As you can see, I have six storage bins full of props. The shelves behind house the larger items and more dolls in baskets. One of the blue bins is full of cast members – all bagged in family units with papers containing each family member’s name and age. This helps me to maintain continuity in my stories. Let’s face it, I’ll forget my name, during a senior moment! 

I kind of have the feeling that you’ll be hearing from me for quite a long while. Why? Because I keep a running note in my phone with new stories as they come to me. So far, I have eight or nine stories in the pipeline. Mind you, each story needs cast members, props for staging, actually setup and staging, a photo shoot, editing, compilation of the PhotoVideo, writing dialogue for the photos (the picture dictates the dialogue), more editing and then posting on social media. As you may see, it is a lot of hard work to produce one story. And, depending upon what was mentioned in one story, another storyline could be born. But I LOVE EVERY MOMENT!

I hope this “glance” into my processes helps you to appreciate what I do, or at least, I hope you can appreciate the work of your favorite bloggers. Stay tuned for my next PhotoStory “Because I Love You: Jugglz What 2 Wear Boutique” Coming real soon… Blessings. 

9 thoughts on “Yup….Its A Process

  1. I like they way you have stored the dolls in a shoe bag. Creative! I can totally relate to some of the things you do. I have a spreadsheet I use to name my dolls, note to whom they are related and what positions they hold. I also note any background information I need to remember to document. I’m also going to create a ‘tree’ to help with a visual. I may have to use that idea of bagging families together.

    I also get the stories thing. I usually think of all these scenes I want to create, the direction of the lives involved, how they all intertwine and make sure that I can find a way to tie jobs into useful events or scenes later. It’s so cool to hear how other people direct their creativity.

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    1. The visual tree sounds good. I have the pics from my families photo shoot in my phone notes. These are the same pics I have here on the blog. And like you say, it’s good to hear about your processes.


  2. I really like the clear shoe holder used for dolls! You can’t use what you can’t see! Right now my dolls are stored in a box under the bed. When I had them standing their feet kinda went to one side. I had to straighten them before I used them. I there are issues with storing them in a box flat too. Most are stored nude. No body stains from clothes. I need a system of remembering what clothes I have. Sometimes I’ll accidentally put together an outfit and say Yes!

    I’ll ask you the question that dbg of Black Doll Enthusiast asked which comes first, the doll personality or the the dolls wardrobe?

    I have a lot of my furniture and props in rubber containers too. I’m up to 6+ containers! I spend a lot of time finding clothes and shoes and even sometimes dolls for posts. I haven’t done a video in a while. It is a lot of work!

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    1. Thanks Ms Leo. I must admit that I adopted the idea from my son. He is @Stopherian on Instagram. I admire how he redresses and displays the fashion doll collection he has built for he and his daughter and that they are visible. You are absolutely correct with what you don’t see, you don’t use. I want to change my storage bins to see through ones eventually.


    2. Ms Leo, sorry I only saw a part of your post. Don’t know what happened.
      Now for the answers: I dress the dolls according to what I have unless my storyline dictates a change. I’ve only dressed a very few according to the doll’s personality, as the clothes determined the personality for me. With regard to the videos, I think they take time from story to finished production. Because I basically use the same place for all of my PhotoVideos, I have to stage from scratch each time. If I had a dedicated area for each story, it would be less work. But then, since I do PhotoStories and photovideos, I have to shoot the photos, choose my photos, edit them and then compile them. Next, for the PhotoStories, I have to add the dialogue. This takes time. I try to shoot when I’m home alone so that I don’t get as many interruptions. With all of that, I LOVE IT! I think you’ll do great so go for it!! Blessings


  3. So true. So true. You have to do what you love for yourself. The followers are the bonus. I’ve had people come to me for advice. Some were more concerned about seeing their follower numbers increase and got very discouraged if they didn’t. Initially my blog was a way to keep track of the names of my dolls. I’m so bad at names. Then it grew into so much more. The shoe bags are a great idea. I have too many dolls to make that work, but I did finally get a storage method that works very well for my dolls. It’s amazing how being organized makes all the difference between enjoying doing stories and not enjoying doing stories. Continued success with your blogging and your videos.

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    1. Thank you!! If I waited for numbers to express my passion, I’d be the most sour prune in the world. I do wish that I had space like you. Those houses of yours are A-mazing!!!


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