Meet Damiana

The lovely pianist Damiana Bouvier performing in her one-woman concert.

Damiana is an accomplished pianist who has traveled the world in concerts. She has played in every major venue and for many prominent people.

In her spare time, Damiana teaches inner city youths how to play the piano and to appreciate all types of music, especially classical piano.

Damiana is 35 years old, single and resides in Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is also a classically trained chef and graduate of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Stay tuned for more featured cast members.

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8 thoughts on “Meet Damiana

    1. Thanks Linda! No… Not Mattel. This is Gloria spray painted gloss black. I like Gloria because they are much cheaper than Mattel and they come with cool accessories I purchas mine from Amazon.


    1. Thanks Vickey. I got the dress when it was mistakenly sent to me from eBay instead of the doll I’d paid for. I put it on this beauty and gave her a name. The rest is history.


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