New To Brenova Town

Please help me welcome our newest residents to Brenova Town…  Brianna and Oscar Kennedy hail from Seattle, Washington. Oscar is a retired military Colonel and Brianna is an interior designer. The couple is settling in and about to open a furniture boutique.  Brianna can hardly wait to use her new Dollar Tree finds in her next design. Okay, so her new modern chairs are really business card holders BUT she has repurposed them to use as awesome chairs. They come in black or silver. Keep following Brenova Blog to see them in use in her boutique or the home of someone in the community. 

8 thoughts on “New To Brenova Town

    1. Thanks Van. I made the dress and found a YouTube video for the Afro hairstyle. If it weren’t for you and your post on Danielle, I never would’ve found these “chairs” so thank you!!


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