SURPRISE! We Love You: For The Cool In You 

See the full video  here👉🏾SURPRISE! We Love You: For The Cool In You  
  Nature calls; Tawny tries to slip out to thr ladies room but nervous Marlon sees her.  Where you going Tawn? (Marlon)

I’ll give you one guess Mar. This baby is pressing hard today! I’ll be okay. (Tawny)
    This baby is so much heavier than our first two. I’m worn out all of the time. (Tawny)

Sorry Babe…Daddy makes ’em big. (Marlon)

Well then….maybe big daddy ought to be caring this load. Shush, Dad is talking. (Tawny)  This woman here is the queen of my life. I had no idea what I had when we first met. I did quickly, though, come to know just how awesome she is when she stood beside me, like a rock embedded in cement, when we first got married. I determined then that I’d rip,  limb from limb, anyone who would dare to hurt, harm or do anything to disrupt our love and union. To top it off, she gave me not one, not two but three sets of twins! God, what a woman. And she still looks as sexy as can be. Margi, you know I love you. You are my heart, my love and my life and I can only hope and pray that our children and grands will be half the person you are. I love you baby. (Dwayne)

Unable to speak, all Margarita can do is softly touch her love’s face.   The room gets quiet; all you see is adoration and love on the faces of each family member. The rest of the celebration goes on wonderfully until the end.                  I’m really tired Boo; I think it’s time to go. (Tawny)

At your service Ma’am …but I think Moms & Pops want to take family pics. We can leave after that..alright with you Baby Mama? (Marlon)

That works, Baby Daddy. (Tawny) The final shots

Margarita and Dwayne Johnson Taylor along with their three sets of twins. Going clockwise: Tawny, Peter, Richard (Rick), Nicholas (Nick), Bronce, and seated on the floor, Sabina. Rick and Nick are the eldest twins, followed by Tawny and Bronce. Peter and Sabina are the youngest twins.

Margarita has vowed never to forget this celebration, as this is the first time in over ten years that her family has been photographed together. She’s hoping to, one day, get a picture of all of her grandchildren; however, she decided to wait on the birth of her newest grandchild before taking that picture.   All of the granddaughters threw a hissy fit when they realized they weren’t going to have their pictures taken with Grams and Papo so guess what? You guessed it….a picture with the girls!! Margarita told her children from another mother that they were sadly mistaken if they thought that they we getting away without taking a picture with Mom & Dad.

Clockwise: Rick’s wife Nola, Tawny’s husband Marlon, Bronce’s husband Shawn, Sabina’s Husband Craig, Nick’s wife Rosa and Peter’s wife Rochelle. After almost 40 years of marriage and 6 children, he still sweeps her off of her feet and she’s his queen.      

5 thoughts on “SURPRISE! We Love You: For The Cool In You 

  1. Congrats to the happy couple. I love her gold outfit. My aunt had 3 sets of twins plus 3 more for a total of nine. Congrats to you for getting all the family members dressed and to the party on time. That’s never an easy thing to do.

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