Another Part Of Me

 After a long day of celebrating, Tawny and Marlon stretch out at home. Marlon has the dinner cooking on the stove and the table set. The girls are playing on their rocking horses.  

After resting a bit, the doorbell rings. It’s Tawny’s Obstetrician, Dr. Dolli Barbie. She has come to share news which she didn’t want to do over the phone.   

See the RealTimes video here👉🏾Another Part Of Me          Hello Dr. Barbie…how are you tonight and to what honor do we owe your coming to our humble abode? (Marlon)  (Hesitantly) Well now, how’s my favorite “Prego Partners?”  (Dr. Barbie)

We’re fine, Doc, but you coulda asked us that over he phone. What’s up doc? Is everything alright? (Marlon)

Yeah Dolli, this isn’t like you to just pop in. Is the baby alright? Please, be straight with us. You’re making me really nervous. (Tawny)  Oh no….don’t be nervous everything is great.  I’m sorry to frighten you. I have some news for you but I didn’t want to give it to you over the phone. Here, sit down both of you. (Dr. Barbie)

The couple sits down.  Now Marlon, Tawny….(takes a deep breath and starts to talk) I was going over the images from your ultrasound…and it appears that I missed something. (Dr. Barbie)

Missed something ? (Marlon & Tawny together)

What the…what could you have possibly missed? You read it right there and we watched. What do you think you missed? (Marlon)

Guys, I’m just going to say it. When I looked at the films again, I realized ….you guys are having twins. (Dr. Barbie) 

    Oh lawd….the twin thing dun bit us in he butt!! Two kids at one time. What the he….Oh snap…Tawn….we did it. We gonna have twins! (Marlon)Babe…you have two babies in there. Are you okay….there are two babies in there! (Marlon)
I know sweetie, I know. I can’t believe this. Two babies at one time. We really did it. Oh my goodness….no wonder I’ve felt like I’ve been carrying a load…its two!   (Tawny)  Dr. Barbie loves the interchange between the two but wishes she could just disappear. The couple continues to display their love and elation until they feel the presence of the Doctor.    Oh. Doc, sorry about that….we just left you out in the rain. (Marlon)

No problem….I totally understand. I do have some more info, if you want to know the gender of your babies. (Dr. Barbie)

Hell yeah! Marlon)

Oh yes, yes, yes Dolli….tell us! (Tawny)  Okay. You’ll be happy to know that you are having another girl. (Marlon looks happy and sad at the same time.) AND, you’ll be glad to know, you are also having that little prince you’ve be trying for. (Dr. Barbie)

YES! Jackpot baby! You finally got your prince! (Tawny)

Woo hoo….the man’s got it! Finally…a prince for the Kang! Not to mention a princess to complete the court! (Pounding his chest and doing his dance) Daddy’s the man!!!!! (Marlon)

Hey man…..What about you baby mama? I did help out a little bit, didn’t I? (Tawny)

The couple never notices the doctor leaving the house.      Oh man….Tawny, do you realize what this means? We have to have two of everything..we need a bigger house…a bigger car…more food…double the clothes…more money… (Marlon)

Babe…Bae…. Marlon…slow down. It’ll all be fine. Don’t start worrying now….lets roll with it…you know we always come out on the top. Don’t worry love…if you worry, then I’ll worry too and I know you don’t want that. Do you? (Tawny)

No Babe…I’m just trippin…don’t….don’t even think about it. We’re gonna be cool and I know it. Main thing is, we’re having two new beautiful babies and I can’t wait to tell the whole world. I love you Mrs. Tawny Rich. (Marlon) He pulls her gently to sit on his lap and starts to caress her stomach.   I love you more than you can imagine, my baby mama. (Marlon)

It can’t possibly be more than I love you, my “babies” daddy. (Tawny). 

I have got to call my parent and my sisters and brothers! They’ll be so excited for us! (Tawny)

Well NOW I guess I’m on my own to finish decorating the tree and the house for Christmas. (Marlon) They both LOL

The couple lounges, as they recap their last life-changing hour. 

9 thoughts on “Another Part Of Me

  1. You are so creative with those mesh holders. I really like the way you used one for the pots and pans.

    Twins! That’s something else. But at least they are getting their boy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. The mesh can be used for so much. Having twins in the family shouldn’t have came as a surprise….the family is loaded with twins! But it is good that they’re getting their boy.


  2. Congrats to the happy couple. That expression Marlon had when he first found out was priceless. Lol. I don’t blame him. The initial thought of twins can be daunting.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the feature next to the console. It looks like a waterfall feature with the pebbles around the base. I recognized several Dollar Store items. You are very creative in how you use parts and mix them, like the lamp shades from an air freshener that have been put on top of a taller candle. I have some of those parts but have never thought of mixing them like that. Brilliant. Would love to know how you made the waterfall feature. It looks so realistic. Another great job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks again! You are right….that is a working waterfall fountain. It changes colors. When I saw it in the thrift store, I almost passed out. I was excited when I got it home and it worked. Between dollar stores and thrift stores, my prop collection is quite large and respectable. I’m having a ball with the dioramas.


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