Repurposed Goodwill Finds & Dollar Store Treasures

One of my most favorite pastimes is to go thrifting to find miniature treasures. I can honestly say that each one of my dioramas has some sort of a repurposed thrift store find in it. As a result, I have ended up with many repurposed props and objects. In this post, I will show you some of my thrifted treasures. 

I saw this on YouTube and thought I’d try it. I still have to sand the bowl and seal or paint it before I complete making an upholstered seat, but it turned out fantastically. I used a beat up wooden salad bowl from the Goodwill  and the base of a thrifted candle holder, which I already owned to make this retro bubble chair. A hole had to be drilled in the bowl then a screw and nut joined the two pieces together. Joanna says it’s very comfortable. I think it needs an ottoman to make it really comfy. We’ll see.  

I made this lounge chair from a wooden souvenir thing. It was fairly easy to do. I cut out a piece of thin pillow foam and covered it with the cloth from a tea towel. I thought the striped towel reminded me of lawn furniture. After cutting, I wrapped the cloth around the foam and used wood glue to tack it down. It was very simple. The result….a rocking lounger.  Joanna is looking forward to putting on some shorts and sipping a cool drink.  

Bathtubs for fashion type dolls are notoriously tiny. Let’s face it, reality is that you can at least sit and soak in a soaker tub! But alas, I couldn’t find one that sufficiently fit my Barbie type dolls, more or less my big Starting Lineup fellas. My solution…..the bottom of an egg-looking thing from the Goodwill. For the water faucet I used the hanging part of a cedar closet freshener, taped to the back of the tub. The water controls were made from a stereo wire connector which I glued to the rim. The bubbles were made using two jars of vanilla scented air freshener beads. I wish my dioramas had smell because it smelled divine.  The Taj Mahal wall hanging was also thrifted. The wallpaper was shelf liner from the Dollar Tree. 

I love making tables for my homes and places. In this scene, I used the brass base of a vase holder, turned upside down. The top is a piece of granite from a “thing” I thrifted. There were two symmetrical pieces. They are the perfect size for tabletops. I simply put the granite on top of the base and made an instant table. Pure gorgeousness!! 

In my jazz club diorama, I needed several tables for two but I didn’t want them too be boring. My solution was in a dining room drawer. Several years ago, for some odd reason, I purchased a boatload of crystal taper candle holders.(why?) Well, it turns out that they were the perfect size to turn upside down and place a mirrored candle charger on. Together’ they made the perfect table for two. I purchased the mirror tiles from the Dollar Tree and they looked great! 
I have a whole lot more examples of repurposed thrifted treasures, but you’d be reading for the next few days. I’ll just say, look for the unusual because it will probably be a beloved thrifted treasure or a marvelous Dollar Store find. In any event, you will be engaging in my passion and I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy the experience.

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8 thoughts on “Repurposed Goodwill Finds & Dollar Store Treasures

  1. Some great items you have here from the thrift store! I really like your tub and the table you made for the bathroom. Isn’t it funny how you look at things and how they will work for our dolls? I always get candle holders as table bases and others are perfect for seating. I have used little brass planters to make bathtubs.

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    1. Yes Phyllis! I have recently started searching for candle holder chairs. Most of them are made of metal and my larger dolls fit perfectly in them. The little Barbie chairs are like an elephant siting on a kitchen stool. Now that Barbies have a little more in their caboose, the furniture has to be larger too.


    1. Thanks My Dear! A new Goodwill just opened in my community, less than two minutes away from my home and I’m in thrifting heaven. Besides that, the Deals store near my church was turned into a Dollar Tree! I’m a super happy camper for sure. I have more props now than stories; therefore, I’m going to do vignettes as well as full stories.


  2. Perfect props! I do the same thing. I don’t throw anything away unless I make sure that it can not be used for something doll related. Lol! I love your jazz spot! Very nice!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lovee! It’s a blast to repurpose found stuff into doll props. This is my passion and I love it!! We are being responsible by keeping “junk” out of landfills. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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