You Give Me Butterflies 

Athena Carrington has a boyfriend who is totally smitten with her.

Every time Lennox Premiar sees his love, he gets butterflies in the pit of his stomach. After all, guys like him aren’t supposed to get gorgeous gals like her; she is absolutely stunning and everyone knows it.

No matter how much or how many times Athena tries to reassure her love that her feelings for him are true and that she loves him, probably, more than he loves her, he still feels doubts. But, Athena knows that the beautiful man who has captured her heart is a real keeper. He’s kind, compassionate, genuine, generous, funny, loving and one of the most handsome fellas that she has ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Now, Athena just has to convince her love that he is truly the love of her life. She is determined that nothing and nobody will come between their love, not even Lennox Premiar.

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Music copyright 穢 of Michael Jackson

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