“Heads Up” Hair Salon

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It’s early Saturday morning and Rain Duncan sits, looking around her establishment, “Heads Up” Hair Salon. It’s hard for her to imagine how booming her business has become. After all, it was her husband Tim who suggested she open the salon and do what she excelled at, and now, she realizes just how right he was to nudge her along. To see the full length photovideo, follow this link: Heads Up Hair SalonSherdena, can you believe how many clients we have this early in the morning? (Rain)

Yeah, Boss Lady…looks like your gonna have to get that new station real soon. (Sherdena)

I know, right. Tim is going to be ecstatic when he hears this….well, I’d better get up from here because it looks like you’re going to be busy real soon. Later Doll. (Rain)
Is this water too hot for you, Ms. Reesa? (Yani)

No Yani…I couldn’t wait…

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