Taking A Short Dolly Break

Hi Lovees,

Mother is taking a very short “Dolly Break” to focus on ME. Nothing wrong; I just want to chill a minute to regroup.

When you are creative and have more ideas than time and space, I find it prudent to step back and recalculate. I love what I do and never want it to end BUT I’ll take this time to explore my other likes and interests. I’ still be following all of you Lovees in the Dolly Community during my hiatus, you’d best believe.


#hiatus #takingabreak #dollcommunity #diorama #onesixthscale #muchlove

2 thoughts on “Taking A Short Dolly Break

  1. We understand! Doll blogging requires so much more effort and energy than most people realise and is only one aspect of our lives. I hope you have a meaningful and nurturing break!

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    1. Wendy, you hit the nail on the head. It can all consuming, if you don’t be careful.

      You really have to set boundaries, because the dolls and props can take up ridiculous amounts of time, money and space. And, since I’ve had spinal surgeries and knee replacements, being in weird positions can take their toll after long periods of time being in this tiny town. But, I’m having a ball just being me; not taking myself too seriously and enjoying retirement. Much love 😘


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