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This Morning In Brenova Town:
Leigh Urban has finally gotten her three girls off to school and now she can catch her breath, while looking out of her kitchen window. The rain is softly tapping on the pane. “Now, I can get myself ready for the day. Look at this hair. Hmmm…I wonder where Keith is?”Leigh Urban didn’t hear her husband Keith when he came into the room. While she looks out of the kitchen window, he gently caresses Leigh and kisses her on the head. Relieved to finally see her firefighter husband safety home, she turns to look into his eyes. Convinced that he’s alright, she watches him as he removes his smoke laden clothing. She softly lays her head on his bare chest and listens to his breath. Exhale. Now home alone, Keith Urban has assumed his wife’s position at the rain splashed window. Looking skyward, he is thankful for his gorgeous wife Leigh and his three beautiful daughters. Being a firefighter, he is grateful and thankful each time that he’s able to walk back into his home and into the loving arms of his family. Nothing and no one is taken for granted. And now, the day’s real work begins.

Now that sunshine has replaced the rain and after a long day, the Urban family decides to go to a local park and enjoy ice cream treats. Keith and his wife Leigh spend a lot of their free time with their daughters, Zarya (11), and 7y/o twins Zyneth and Zyndia. Follow the pictures closely the end, to get the full story. Enjoy.#dollphotos #dolldiorama #fashiondoll #dollfamily  #Barbie #firefighter #BrenovaBlog #BrenovaTown #DivaDolls #DivaDollsDioramasByBrenova #justdollfurniture #dollphotagrapiy #endlesslove #RealTimes #dollphotogallery #PhotoStories #VideoStories  #firefighterlife #firefighterfamilies #parks #icecream #parkbench #sunnyday #sunshine #daughters #twins #outdoors

4 thoughts on “Cherish

    1. Thanks Ladonna. I’m so glad you noticed my diversities. It’s important to me to portrait reality in a fun way. That’s not to say that I don’t like fantasy too. You’ve made my day!!!!


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