“Date Night” Wine and Cheese Boutique (Pt. 1)

Eiko Ishikawa

I’m Eiko Ishikawa and I’m 34 years old. You’ve met my brother Nobuo and his wife Maggie (short for Magnolia.) You’ve also met their three kids…..the eldest named after me. I’m the proprietor of “Date Night” a wine and cheese boutique in Brenova Town. Well, I’ve got a pretty busy schedule today so please, stop by the boutique later on. By for now.

Eiko’s hobby is collecting cookbooks and trying new recipes for her friends and family. She fancies herself an amateur chef. Fortunately, she is best friends with some of BT’s top chefs. She also sells cookbooks in her boutique for the couple who would like to prepare a meal at home, as a date night.

There’s nothing like offering samples to guests who are visiting your establishment. A small sip of wine, a wedge of cheese 🧀 and a piece of freshly baked bread🥖- all conveniently sold right in the boutique in which they happen to be. Note to self: remember the tongs.

“Date Night” wine and cheese boutique is just about ready to open for the day. The many wine and cheese varieties are all well stocked and the breads have been freshly baked by the bakery adjacent to the shop.

Eiko is especially fond of her gourmet chocolates selection. They are all handmade and presented in beautiful packaging. Another guest favorite is the classic butter cookies in the blue and gold tins-no matter how often she restocks her supply, it’s just never enough. She’s waiting for a shipment to come in, any day now. And for the couple who’d like to prepare their own meal but needs a few ideas, Eiko suggests purchasing a cookbook from the boutique’s vast assortment. So there you have it-Date Night Wine and Cheese Boutique
Eiko starts every day with a pre-opening meeting with her staff. Today, she wants Manuela to restock the danish butter cookies which had been delivered. She asked Taleya if she would be the cashier for the day, while she and Jewels would serve the clients with sales and information. She also asked Manuela if she’d serve the cake which the bakery sends over every so often. Manuela loved serving the free goodies and directing the clients to their whereabouts throughout the boutique.

Stay tuned for part 2 where you’ll meet a few of the shop’s guests. But first, please enjoy a few photos from the boutique.

Danish Butter Cookies
The staff
Gourmet Chocolates


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