Family Fun Day: Featuring The Taylor and The Rich Families 

Rick and Nola Taylor are happy to spend the entire day with their daughters 4 year old Mira and 2 year old Misha. When asked what they wanted to do, they both agreed that the playground in the park would be fun. Mom and dad were happy to oblige them.

After what seemed like an entire day, both parents were happy to be heading home to a family gathering in their backyard. Finally, Rick would be able to fire up his brand new grill.

At the Taylor household,  the kiddies are excited to spend time with their cousins. Rick is also happy to see his sister Tawny and her husband Marlon. He always enjoys the sound of fun and laughter when his nieces Summer and Spring get together with his girls.

Rick (in green shirt) and Tawny (in yellow) are brother and sister. Tawny is married to Marlon, Rick’s best friend.

  So Tawn, do you know when Nicholas and Sabina are getting in? (Rick)

I don’t know for sure bit Rosa is ready to be here now. The twins are driving her nuts. LOL(Tawny)

Girl I know they are. There is no way! I mean no way!(Nola)

Nola aren’t you glad that we didn’t have twins? I mean me being a twin, you know it could’ve happened.(Rick)

Baby you know that God would never put more on me than I can bear…and twins, sweetie, you know I’d be flying over the coo coo’s nest. LOL (Nola)

Yo, is that true for us too Tawn? I mean you are a twin too………. I just want to know, how in the hell did your folks take care of three sets of twins? I’da been outta the babymaking business after the second for sure! (Marlon)

You know it brother…. after the first, I’da been out of business. I can’t even imagine! (Nola)

(Responding to her husbands’s question) Love, anything is possible, you know. Does that mean that you want to throw in your babymaking towel? Take down your shingle? Snip it in the bud? Are you saying you don’t want to try for your long awaited male heir? Let me know now so we can halt trying. (Tawny)
Now hold up….a brother didn’t mention throwing in or hanging up nothing! If that’s the case, whatever gonna be gonna be ’cause we got plans for tonight. (Mumbling under his breath) Brother betta keep his mouth shut while sister is around.. Next, I’ll be sleeping on the porch! Hahahaha (Marlon)  They all laugh.

 Well, we all turned out alright. And we had a blast growing up too. We almost drove our folks to drink on occasion though. Good thing crack wasn’t around ’cause they’da been high all the time, with some of our stuff! (Rick)

Yeah, but we knew just how far to push the envelope, you know. They had that “Don’t cross the line look” and you knew to cool it! They were fun but don’t get on the wrong side…whew. Just ask Nick and Pete. Bet they still remember well. (Tawny)

Yup, we came out pretty cool. (Rick)

Doggone skippy! I’ll just be glad for all of us to be together again and with our families too! (Tawny)

 Well Mrs. T, reminiscing is nice but, we’d better be leaving soon so we can get these muskrats to bed. Nola, Rick thanks for dinner. That bbq was slamming for sure. (Marlon)

Girls….kiss your cousins nitey nite and come’s time for everyone to go bedy bye. Nola, I’ll call you tomorrow. (Tawny)

Yeah Mama…it time for bedy bye ’cause you done got me nervous! We got some bidness to take care of. I feel my male heir coming on tonight! Yeah, he’s coming tonight! (Marlon)

Everybody is “saying” goodnight but strangely enough, nobody is moving…. I guess they’re all still too full. Oh well…..let’s shut it down and maybe they’ll get the hint! But first, here is a peek at some of the Tweens who brought their sisters to the park today. Look for Jonquil, Dahlia, Loretha and Sasha (not in this pic), along with their parents and siblings in upcoming video stories. Stay tuned………..

See the full realtime video at this link:

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