When You’ve Been Blessed 

Yesterday In Brenova Town
Alaina Martins loves her golden glow bathroom. She’s been anticipating a long relaxing, refreshing soak in this golden beauty all day long. And who wouldn’t understand. After starting her day on the other side of the world. As an investment banker, she is extremely glad to be home. Alaina always looks forward to unwinding in her favorite place at home, surrounded by her constant companions – Poody, her poodle and Tabitha, her cat. In love with nature, Alaina adores the look and feel of greenery all around her bathroom, as she unwinds under the oversized window next to her tub. After traveling day in and out, it’s a pleasure for her to spend some much needed time at home. As she relaxes, she begins to think how blessed she is. Enjoy the DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova production 

“When You’ve Been Blessed”

To see full PhotoVideo  visit: When You’ve Been Blessed

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