Beauty and Hope: Fort Obama Community Church 

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 👉🏾Beauty and Hope: Fort Obama Community Church 👈🏾

Chaplain Justice James is the pastor of Fort Obama Community Church. He’s wrapping up his message as the members attentively listens. Chaplain “J”, as he is affectionately called, is the husband of Journey, whom we met on her cross country adventure. He is also the brother of Thomas James, who was featured in the photo video “Addictive Love.” Stay tuned to meet the rest of the families at Fort Obama Community Church, located here in Brenova Town.Look who’s back… Lucy Sereta Downs! Yes, the little lady who defines TROUBLE is back. Get to finally meet her parents and her older sister. Even now, you’ll notice, Mr. Downs is holding on to her ponytail because she’s about to do her thing.Chaplain J finishes his message and closes his bible. Before long, he notices Lucy Sereta Downs up to her usual antics. Amused, he moves forward to address the congregation and to offer the benediction. Before he ends, he goes to SGT Jenson Rojo to offer words of comfort. SGT Jenson Rojo his wife Chloé and daughter Fabiana.Kyle & Rema Chan missed going to their favorite holiday spot-The Red Barn Christmas Place. They love to take their daughter, Pia, to see the lights and to sit in her favorite red sleigh. Kyle is stationed at Fort Obama and works as an engineer. Rema is in the process of opening a florist shop, “Pretty Flower” with the help of her twin sister Tonda Tomocken. (You met Tonda and her husband Bash during their summer trip to Hilton Head) Unfortunately this afternoon, Pia has started feeling a bit under the weather but doesn’t want her dad to know. Her mom thinks she may have a slightly elevated temp. Pia knows that when her dad sees his baby girl not feeling well, he’ll be ready to get her home to a warm bed; she doesn’t want that!Corporal Ethan and Marriana Pulley with daughters Cheela and NavaehNewly engaged couple Tony Gwen and Angel Peoples. Becky and Master SGT. Robin Williamsby. Service is wrapping up but SGT Jenson Rojo has drifted away in thought. Concerned about his final surgery to repair his damaged hands, Jenson is more concerned about his wife Chloé and daughter Fabiana far more than himself. After all, he doesn’t want them to be burdened by his being incapacitated at Christmastime. Chloé has assured him that he could never be a burden on his family. SGT Rojo’s hands were injured while he was on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He has undergone many surgeries-this being the last. Tomorrow, his gloves will be removed to reveal his new hands. The Rojo family is eternally grateful to an anonymous donor who paid for all of the surgeries and the care of the family, while SGT Rojo recovered. They are also eternally grateful to the Wounded Warriors Project family during their time of need. Stay tuned to DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova for updates and to meet the rest of the families at Fort Obama Community Church, located here in Brenova Town. Knowing what Jenson is going through, Chaplain J is moved with compassion when he notices the blank stare on his brother’s face. He approaches Jenson and offers him words of comfort. He also reminds him that every adult in the sanctuary has and will continue to be of service to him and his family. “That’s how we roll here Bro’.” Chaplain J reminds him. Feeling relief, Jenson thanks his pastor/friend. Chloé lovingly takes it all in. Stay tuned to DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova to get updates and to meet the rest of the families at Fort Obama Community Church.The Rojo family thanking the congregation for their love, support and prayers.#brenovatown #diorama #onesixthscale #actionfigures #afganistan #loridolls #reconstructivesurgery #militaryfamilies #houseofworship #obama #beckybarbie #wheelchair #disability #bestfriend #bff you #militarychaplain #militarylife #militaryworship #multicultural #ohholynight #christmas #justdollfurniture

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    1. Thanks so much Wendy. I’ve had this post since Christmastime but never posted it. With the climate in the country, I felt we needed some unity and Love-even if it’s through our Doll’n!

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