A Bit Old Fashioned: Nylah & Beckett Jocco

Nylah has had one of those days where being pampered is the only thing to make the day right. Jocco(short for Beckett Jocco) is the only one who knows exactly how to make his lady’s day get better. A foot soaking massage and loving attention are the order of the night and Jocco is ready to oblige.

Nylah is an artist and the Director of the BT Museum Of Art. She and coworker, museum curator, Angel Peoples, are best friends. Sargent Major Beckett Jocco is stationed at Fort Obama, after returning from deployment in Japan. He has been active duty military for 24 years and will be retiring in July, after 25 years of service. The couple have two daughters, Torii (15) and Akilah (10). You’ll meet them in an upcoming story. See video here 👉🏾A Bit Old Fashioned 👈🏾

#stressedout #relaxation #footmassage #footsoak #massage #dovesoap #dressingtable #love #actionfigures #worldpeacekeepers #loveyourwoman #pampering #takingcareofher #reflections #brenovablog #brenovatown @world_peacekeepers_toys @ Brenova Town

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