“Heads Up” Hair Salon

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It’s early Saturday morning and Rain Duncan sits, looking around her establishment, “Heads Up” Hair Salon. It’s hard for her to imagine how booming her business has become. After all, it was her husband Tim who suggested she open the salon and do what she excelled at, and now, she…

When The Time Comes

Coral Gaines is ecstatic that her boyfriend, Geoff Treadman, has returned from his tour of duty. She has prepared a special evening for him but, the surprise is on her. She will have to make some life altering decisions-ones that she has been thinking about for awhile.
Geoff wants to get married right away, and he wants Coral to move around the world as he completes his military obligations. Coral desperately loves and wants to be Geoff’s wife, but at what cost? … More When The Time Comes

Siblings Day At The Pumpkin Patch: The Ishikawas

Siblings Day at the Pumpkin Patch: The Ishikawas The Ishikawa family, along with more Brenova Town Residents, are having fun. Yesterday, the family went to the pumpkin patch at the General Store. It was “Siblings in the Patch Day” – the day set aside for older siblings or parents with two or more children to … More Siblings Day At The Pumpkin Patch: The Ishikawas

Hanging In There

Happening In Brenova Town  Hi everyone. Don’t tell my admin that I’m sneaking from Production to tell you this but girlfriend is going NUTS not being able to make new Dioramas. Her knee is progressing well but she wants it to go faster than it should.  We’ve had quite a few new residents move to … More Hanging In There

Got To Be There

Happening In Brenova Town Click here to see the full photovideo 👉🏾Got To Be There 👈🏾 and to see what went on last night, before their beloved husband and father went to work as a police officer.  Who lives in this humble abode. Who is slicing up some homemade bread and frying up the chicken? Who’s … More Got To Be There

Family Day at the Brenova Town TA&M Aquarium 

When last we saw Torrence Michaels, he was thinking about his family and how much he loves his career. If you’ll recall,Torrence Michaels is doing what he loves-teaching groups about marine biology. A graduate of BT University with a Masters in Marine Biology, Torrence jumped on the opportunity to be the lead Technical Aquarium & … More Family Day at the Brenova Town TA&M Aquarium