“Heads Up” Hair Salon

It’s early Saturday morning and Rain Duncan sits, looking around her establishment, “Heads Up” Hair Salon. It’s hard for her to imagine how booming her business has become. After all, it was her husband Tim who suggested she open the salon and do what she excelled at, and now, she realizes just how right he was to nudge her along. To see the full length photovideo, follow this link:  Heads Up Hair SalonSherdena, can you believe how many clients we have this early in the morning? (Rain)

Yeah, Boss Lady…looks like your gonna have to get that new station real soon. (Sherdena)

I know, right. Tim is going to be ecstatic when he hears this….well, I’d better get up from here because it looks like you’re going to be busy real soon. Later Doll. (Rain)
  Is this water too hot for you, Ms. Reesa? (Yani)

No Yani…I couldn’t wait to get here this morning! I need a wash something awful. (Reesa)Is next Saturday at 9:00a good for you Ms. Serena? (Kenya)

Perfect girl. Thanks. Grant will be coming home later that day and I don’t want to be in here…no offense. (Serena)

None taken. If I had Grant, I’d be home waiting in my birthday suit! LOL (Kenya)

You got it Sistah! (Serena)  So what are we doing today, Ms. Patrice? (Sanjá)

Bump me up baby. I want a lot of soft, flowwy curls. (Patrice)

You got it lady…that’s gonna be sa-weet. (Sanjá)
Simone thinks to herself, “I must’ve slipped into hell, because I’m burning up! This thing is too dang hot!!!”

Meanwhile, manicurist, La-La is setting up her new station , while Shopgirl, Charletta Holcomb does her job of maintaining the wigs and the shop’s inventory of supples.  

At long last, all of the Anjo sisters are finally on the same continent.Rhonda, Sam must be some special kind of guy to restore your faith in the male species. I mean after that last, hurtful waste of genes, Sam has finally made you smile again. (Renee)

Oh Sissy, you don’t know the half of it. Sam has made me truly love life again..I mean ..he’s such a man that I never dreamed he would be MINE. (Rhonda)
  Yes…look at you…you’re positively radiant. I can’t wait to meet the brother who loved you back to life. We’ll  all meet at my house on this coming Tuesday evening at 6pm. Is that alright? (Janay)

We’re delighted JaaJaa. I’m so glad we’re back together at long last. I’m through running from life and now I desperately want to live it (Rhonda) 

My word…I wonder how much longer we’ll have to wait? Let me check. (Renee)  Excuse me Kenya. Do you have any idea how much longer before I get started. (Renee)

Ms Renee, I am so sorry for the delay. We had so many clients today. Keisha should be calling for you shortly. (Kenya)

Please forgive me for my impatience…I know you are all working expediently. (Renee)Janay, are you sure that you and Bill are up to hosting this dinner? You two have so much on your plates, with your major undertaking. You know I’d do it in a heartbeat, were you to ask me. (Renee)

I know you would Sis, but I think this is good for me … It helps the waiting process, I think. Besides, Bill wants to do this for his sister and future brother. He’s my rock but I know this is hard for him too. (Janay)
  What are you two huddled up talking about? Is it private? (Rhonda)

Girl please….you know we have no secrets from one another. We were just discussing everything Bill and I are attempting to do. Renee is just reassuring me that all is well. (Janay)

It’s more than well; Sam and I got back here just in the nick of time to bear witness to your blessing. Not to worry; you and Bill always come out on the top. (Rhonda) Renee vigorously agrees.

What would I do without you two?! I love you both so much. (Janay)

Ms. Renee, Keisha is ready for you. (Kenya)
  Brandi, Uncle Santa and Uncle Miguel have something up their sneaky little sleeves… They told me that they have a surprise for me when we have dinner. I’m not sure what the surprise is, when it comes to those two. They told me to do up my hair and get dolled up. Now what kind of surprise is that. They probably have a surprise man because of our recent conversation. (Chica)

Oh Lord, please tell me those two aren’t matchmaking. That sounds just like something they would do. Well just in case, girl I’m going to have you fly. (Brandi)

Brandi, I’m about to burst with excitement. Suppose he’s the best man in the world. I could….I could…..I’m just too excited. (Chica)

Slowdown sister, have I taught you nothing? First, you don’t know if it’s a man. Second, never ever let a man see how anxious you are to meet him. Wisdom girl, wisdom. Let him thirst for you! (Brandi)Hi Renee. I apologize for the long wait. Business has really taken off and I have to make some adjustments. (Rain)

Love, don’t apologize for being successful; that’s just what you want. No harm done with me waiting…. I was just being impatient and for that I apologize. (Renee)

Thanks for your understanding honey. I really appreciate it. Tell David that Tim and I want to get together sometime soon. And give some good love to Sasha and Lara. (Rain)

Love to Tim and my little cupcake too. (Renee)
  Your hair is gorgeous. Sanjá did a beautiful job. Before you leave, why don’t you go over and check out our manicures. Your  hands should look just as gorgeous as your hair. (Rain)

Thanks, I will. (Patrice)Okay, Ms Simone….what can I do for you today?  (Sherdena)

First you can convince me that I’m not going through menopause after that dip in hell over there and second you can stop calling me Ms. Simone! I’m not an old maid with rolldown stockings….at least not yet! Now, I want you to thin out  my hair and then smooth it out and then bumped it under with the curlers and that’s it. Got it Sis? (Simone)

Got it. And I’m sorry about the temperature on the dryer. I should’ve checked on you more often. Now tell me how thin do you want it. (Sherdena)

If it were left up to me you could give me the big chop but my man and my mother would have a fit. Just use your discretion so that I and my man can get our fingers through it and it’ll be fine. (Simone)

Gotcha. (Sherdena)
  Are you comfortable and is the water temperature alright Ms Renee? (Keisha)

Yes to both Love. Thanks for asking. (Renee)
  Do we have a lot of clients scheduled today Kenya? (Rain)

Yes Ms. Rain….we’re gonna be super busy today. (Kenya)

Alright then…I want you to take lunch orders from the team and it’ll be my treat. That’s the least I can do to show my appreciation for their labor of love. (Rain)

Oh, thanks Ms Rain… You are the best employer ever and we’ll do anything for you or the salon. (Kenya)

Oh now you’re going to make me cry. Thanks love. (Rain)

As expected, the day was vey busy. Many more heads were styled, many conversations were had and many more thoughts were thought. In the end, the Heads Up Hair Salon bustled until the last client was finished.. It was then and only then that dedicated owner, Rain Duncan took a seat. Have fun scrolling through pictures from that Saturday at the Heads Up Hair Salon. Remember to follow the link at the end to the full length Realtime PhotoVideo “Heads Up Hair Salon”

See the full Realtime PhotoVideo at this link: 

Heads Up Hair Salon

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