Mike and Carol’s Move In Day: Part 2

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I showcase African American dolls in 1:6 scale, human-like settings. Dolls used are: Fashion, GI Joe & Action Figure from sports, movies & entertainment. Now on to the story…..


  Let me start your shower Babe (Mike)Carol watches Mike, while loving him all the more. What a catch, she thinks. Thank heavens for him.

 Okay Babe. It’s just the way you like it; hot and steamy. Come on….it’s been a long day.(Mike)

You spoil me BUT don’t ever stop (Carol)

They both chuckle because they know that they consistently spoil one another.

Nawh…I got you to broken in to give you away now…Afraid we’re stuck with each other for life. (Mike)

You scared me…I thought you were going to say “broken down! LOL (Carol)

In a couple of years…I don’t know.(Mike)

A couple of years!! A couple of years? Oh you’re gonna get it for that!

Whoa Nellie…I surrender – raising  his hands – Come now so we can both get to bed. Don’t know about you but I’m beat. (Mike)

Seeing his outstretched arms, Carol moves toward Mike, without hesitation.

You know you make me melt, don’t you? (Carol)

I’m not called “Hot Chocolate” for nothing you know. (Mike)

  As Carol steps into the shower, she looses her footing and starts to fall. Grasping onto the shower door, her hand begins to fall too…

 With lightning speed, Mike jumps across the room to hold up his love. Always her protector, he wraps his strong arms around her to hold her steady. Shaken and dazed, the only thing that Carol can focus on is her man’s body next to hers.
It’s okay Baby; Daddy’s got you. You’re safe….you’re alright. (Mike)

  Come on…let me hold you. You’re good. (Mike)

Still dazed, Carol holds tightly onto  Mike

Oh my god….I, I, I. (Carol)

It’s okay Babe…Come on…I’m here. (Mike)

 With the emergency averted, Carol gathers herself and proceeds with her shower. Relieved, Mike steps back.
I told you we’re in this thing for life girl; I just didn’t think you wanted to end life so soon!! (Mike)

Trust me…it’s gonna  take more than a mangled body and busted head for you to get rid of me! (Carol) They laugh

I love you Babe. (Mike)

Not as much as I love you! (Carol)

Stay tuned….

See the full realtime video at this link;


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