Mike And Carol’s Move In Day: Part 1

The whole story started here, on move in day. After weeks of rehabbing their new home, finally it’s……   Move-in day for Mike and Carol Moore and, already, she has the pots working on the stovetop. Mama certainly loves to cook!

  Girl, you should’ve ordered out after moving all day. (Brandi)

That’s what I suggested but she blew me off. (Mike)

Really! Y’all know I’m not going there. I’m fine!” (Carol)

I got your back Carol….just give me a plate when it’s done and everything will be fine. (Brad) Everbody laughs

Okay…Here’s a chair so you can keep busting them pots. (Brad)

Thanks Brad! It’s all for you. (Carol)

Brandi turns to look at Brad and shakes her head.
  Really Brad!! You are so greedy. (Brandi)

Yeah, But you love me don’t you?!?! (Brad)

Man you starting something now…awwwww why did this ice maker have to get stuck AFTER we closed on the house?! (Mike)

Whoa, I’m feeling a bit lightheaded. I’ma sit down for a while. (Carol)

I told you you’re doing too much! Here, let me help you. Mike, your wife is about to pass out! (Brandi)

Mike makes an about face and heads toward his wife.
Whoa….Babe you alright? That’s it! You’re doing too much. Brad, take over man. (Mike)

I’m okay. Anyhow, everything is done now. Just let me sit here for a bit. (Carol)

Thank God ’cause you know that I can’t cook water! (Brad)

You see…It’s really about time for you to learn Bradley Rodriguez.

Thanks Brandi. (Mike and Carol together)

Don’t even mention it; you know I’m here for you girl. YOU need to get some rest. You look, I don’t know, different. (Brandi)

And she will Sis! As soon as you eat, Daddy’s gonna get your shower ready. No fussing either. (Mike)

No fussing; I’m right there Boo. I really feel funny. Thank goodness Satara is already asleep. (Carol)

We’ll clean up the kitchen and let ourselves out….AFTER we eat of course. (Brad)

OF COURSE BRAD. LOL (Brandi, Mike and Carol together)

We hope you feel better tomorrow Sis. Kiss my goddaughter for me. Now go! (Brandi)

You heard the general…..NOW GO! Night y’all. (Brad)

Hummmm, Carol never seems to get tired or rundown, so why all of the drama now? Honestly, the last time she remotely felt rundown was about seven months befor Satara was born……you don’t think????…. Don’t forget to see part 2 of the story..

See the full 2-part realtime video at this link:


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