Home At Last: Evening Wrap Up At The Hudson’s

After a slow start and a busy day, the Hudson’s are finally home from work. When all is done, Terri and Ernie wind down on the sofa before going to bed.

Babe, how was your day? I am so glad to be home because it was really busy. (Terri)

Ahh..It was kinda busy today and I’m beat. Besides that, my feet started hurting while I was in a presentation; I couldn’t wait to get home to you and your good loving. (Ernie)

Awwww poor baby. Let me rub your shoulders. (She rubs his shoulders and then turns her attention to EJ.) Now where is my baby? (Terri)

Mommy Mommy Moooommmy! (EJ)

There’s my sugar lump. Give mommy a big ole hug. (Terri)

I’m loving this picture. Now this is what perks me up; watching my woman and my boy. Yeah this is what makes me love coming home. (Ernie)

You look beat babe. Here, give me your feet and let’s get those heels off. (Ernie)

Happy to oblige, Terri holds on to EJ and slowly lifts  her foot. Before long, EJ slides down off of his mom and perches himself on his dad’s legs.

Oh Babe, that was magical. Oooo you know just what to do with those fingers…you always do. (Terri)

Yeah Love, I know that I have the magic touch. (Ernie)

Feeling left out, EJ climbs up on his parents and makes demands for a hotdog. Terri feeds EJ and then prepares dinner for herself and Ernie.

Ern, I have something I need to ask you. (Terri)

What is it sweets. Are you alright? (Ernie)

Honey, I’m really feeling burnt out going to the office everyday. I’m….. Well I’m thinking of leaving but I’m a bit apprehensive. (Terri)

If you leave, Lady T, what will you do? I know you love what you do. (Ernie)

Yes I do but I just don’t want the bureaucratic hassle any more. I’m really thinking of opening up my own boutique. I know I can do it; I’ve been considering this for a while. (Terri)

It’s your call Love. You know I’ve got your back no matter what. Just tell me what you want and we’ll make it happen. (Ernie)

Ernie, I love you so much. You really do support me in everything I do. You are making this far too easy for me. So why is it so hard? I promise though,  I’ll weigh all of my options before I make any decisions. (Terri)

T, I have no doubts at all. (Ernie)

With dinner now over, the family shares some quality time together.  While talking, Ernie is cut off by the ring of the doorbell.

At the door is their next door neighbors, Shonda and Russell Sharp

Hey…look it here…if it’s not my favorite neighbors Russ & Shonda. How y’all doing? To what do we owe this honor? (Ernie)

Oh Ernie, get away from me. Where is my girl Terri? (Shonda)

Oh hi there good people. I almost forgot that I’d invited you over but I’m glad you’re here.(Terri)

Hey Baby…how you doing tonight? (Russell)

Hey Baby, how you doin too? LOL (Ernie)

Man, you ain’t my baby. You got the wrong dude brotha! (Russell) They both enjoy a laugh and a handshake.

There’s my baby boy. Give Auntie Shonda a kiss……(turning to Terri) How you doin girl? You look ripped. (Shonda)

Girl, I’m exausted. Does it show that much? (Terri)

Yes. I can see that something is beating you down. What’s up girl? This isn’t like you. (Shonda)

Let’s go to the sofa and I’ll tell you. (Terri)

Okay. You sound so serious. Are you alright? (Shonda) The two move to the sofa while the men take their discarded seats.

Come on…now tell me what’s up? (Shonda)

Shonni, I’m so sick and tired of that company that it’s beginning to wear me down. I’m the best that they have but they refuse to give me what I deserve. Instead, they want me to keep putting out while the upper echelon grabs the glory. (Terri)

We’ve discussed this before Terri and I gave you my opinion. It’s time for you to ditch that dump and follow your heart. What does Ernie say? (Shonda)

He’s behind me 100%. (Terri)

And you still have a problem? Chile, if Russ told me it was alright for me to follow my dreams, I’d be moving before I had a chance to wake up! (Shonda)

  Excuse me….why don’t you two big strong fellas go get the dessert. Terri is really beat and I need to stay here with her. (Shonda)

No prob Sexy Mama….we got you ladies covered. (Russell)

Thank you Chocolate Thunder….Mama loves you. (Shonda)

Come get it…sweets for the sweeter. (Russell)

I hope you like cake, fruit and wine. I’m just a little off of my game today. (Terri)

Babe, this is just perfect. Don’t beat yourself up. (Ernie) They all agree.

Well, we’re not staying long anyhow. Tonight, we are going to eat and run because you both have a lot to discuss. Don’t you Sis? (Shonda)

Well, we do now, thanks to you! (Terri)

Ter, do what you know you want and have to do. Your only loyalties are to you and your family…..and me, of course. LOL  Goodnight EJ. You’d better go upstairs now. (Shonda)

Thanks Shonni. He knows he’s supposed to be in bed by now.  I love you Sis. Pray for me. (Terri)

You got it. You ready, my dark knight? (Shonda)

Like a fastball and a ready batter! (Russell)

Goodnight man. Get with me tomorrow and we’ll work on things, alright? (Ernie)

You got it boss. (Russell) they all hug Goodnight and the couple leaves.

Now alone…..

Babe, you are stressing yourself out and you don’t have to. Look, I know you and I know that you have already developed your business plan, haven’t you. (Ernie)

You know me too well my love. Of course I have. I have thoroughly studied the market and I know it’s the right time. I’m just….well I don’t…. I just want to do the right thing. Am I wrong. (Terri)

Terri, you’re the best at whatever you go after. Now, I know you can do this but, the final decision has to be yours. I tell you what….why don’t you sleep on it, take tomorrow off and work it out. I already told you that I’ve got your back so you don’t have to be worried about me. Just follow your heart. Now, I don’t know about you but I’d love to wrap you in my arms, in the bed, while you contemplate your, no, our future. How about it, now that EJ is asleep. (Ernie)

I’d love that honey. I need to be in your arms tonight. Come on my love. (Terri)

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Home At Last: Evening At The Hudson’s

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  1. I don’t see the “like” button, but I like! :-D. Great conversations, great post! Terri should just do it and follow her instincts, and open a business of her own. The husbands are great dolls!

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