Because I Love You: Jugglz What 2 Wear Boutique 

   Here’s the million dollar question…. Why would you get up early in the morning, just to go shopping with me? Because I love you.

It’s early Saturday morning and Jugglz What 2 Wear Boutique is bustling. 

  Yeah Babe, but do you like them? You’ve already tried on four pairs and you didn’t like any of them. (Alan)

I know. This is why I hate to shop for shoes and boots. They never have anything to fit me or my taste. I just get so frustrated! (Shemicia)

Mik, don’t let it get to you. Just keep on looking. If you don’t find anything here, we’ll go somewhere  else. (Alan)  In the background, Egypt is surfing the racks looking for a few new pieces as her husband Jakku looks on. Meanwhile, Melissa looks around the boutique seeking assistance. Once Joanne sees her, she rushes to assist her.      So….I guess it’s my turn now (laughing) You went through this store like a sharpshooter. (Ken)

Now you know you’re wrong…I’m just meticulous is all. Besides, I’m not crazy about shopping in stores these days, which is why I shop online most times. (Tanya)

Why’s that? Something I should know about? (Ken)

No Love… It’s just my preference. Besides, Susoma gets a bit antsy at times. I’m glad your here to watch over her while I shop. (Tanya)

They don’t call me the eyes and ears of the family for nothing… At your service Ma’am.  As he laughs (Ken)

You’re so crazy! (Ken)    I really like these. How about you?  (Shemicia )

  I like it babe but you’ve picked that same shoe up five times and you said you didn’t like it. What makes you like in it now? Look, don’t make yourself like shoes…I told you we can go somewhere else and you could get exactly what you want. What do you say? (Alan)

Oh I just hate this… I really hate this! You’d think they’d have just one shoe in my size. (Shemicia)  Egypt is scouring the racks to build herself a new wardrobe, after their condo caught fire. Knowing just how expensive it’s going to be, she pays attention to every single price tag, not wanting to spend too much.  Look at this Egie…I think you’d be fine in is. Then again, you’d look fine in a brown paper bag with tape. (Jakku)

Oh Baby, you know just what to say to lift me up. You’re my heart sweetie. (Egypt)Watermarked Photo 55 (2015-10-11-1606)Baby, you’ve been through so much, with the fire and all, and not one time have you moaned or complained. You have stayed the composed, levelheaded queen I fell in love with this whole time. Now, if I have to spend my last to buy you more than what you need, then turn my pockets inside out woman. That’s the least I can’t do. (Jakku)

With tears welling in her eyes, Egypt leans forward to softly kiss her dream lover. Full of gratitude and love, she can hardly speak. 

Jakku, I… You…I just don’t know wh….thank you my love for being you. I love you so much. (Egypt)

No thanks needed baby…..the thanks come from me to you. You risked everything to make sure I was safe and out of that burning house. Girl, I owe you my life. (Jakku)  Now…. I guess you’re ready for Sugar Daddy to spot you a few greenbacks, huh? Huh…. Su-Su, you think daddy ought to help out this mad shopper? Should we give her a few duckets so she doesn’t have to stand on a corner with a cup? Or should we run and ditch the ole lady now? (Ken) Susoma has no idea what her daddy is suggesting but she laughs out loud at his words. Daddy funny mommie. He’s so funny. (Susoma)

Yeah? Then why am I not laughing? Ken, I declare, you are the nuttiest fruitcake on the planet. Can you pa-lease pay for my things so we can go and eat? Shaking her head. (Tanya)
    Here you go, my tantalizing baby mama…take it all, ’cause I still have to go home with you. (Ken)

Sho you rite. But you know you love every single second of you life with me. Now don’t you? Don’t you? (Tanya)

Hook, line and sinker Gal…hook, line AND sinker Gal. Now come on to Papa. (Ken)

Later Captain K. (Tanya)
    Melissa, new to town, is looking for an outfit to wear on a date.  I want something bright and classy but not matronly. Something that says I’m not easy but I like to have fun. (Melissa)

I have just the dress for you…Here…try this. It’s just what you described. Is it not? (Joanne)

Oh, this is perfect! Yes. Yes. Yes! You are good! (Melissa)

Now, you’ll be needing some accessories to compliment your dress. So… How about this handbag and…..these shoes? (Joanne)
  Perfecto! I’m set. Thanks Joanne. I’m outta here. By now.(Melissa)
    Back with Jakku and Egypt, he is gently wiping away the tears as they stream Down her cheeks.  Baby, take all the time you need to get whatever you want. Don’t worry about prices or anything…if you see it and you want it, it’s yours. I got it, so don’t worry about anything. (Wanting to lighten the mood) I tell you what, if you don’t want me to pick out your whole wardrobe, then I guess you’d better do it. (Jakku) 

With wide eyes, Egypt starts back to shopping for herself.    Look Mik….it’s obvious that this is the wrong place for you. I’ve got an idea. Wanna hear it? (Alan)

Intrigued, Shemicia waits to hear the idea which her husband has come up with.   What is it Alan? I could use something good about now. Tell me how you think I could get my big, wide feet into these teeny, tiny shoes. (Shemicia)
  Yes, it is a little tight on you but I believe we have a size up in the back. (Joanne)        I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. I get all of my sneakers custom made and the brother is awesome. I forgot that he makes women’s shoes too. How about you draw up some designs just for yourself and we’ll get him to make you a few custom made pairs. That way, you can get a variety of shoes, boots, sneaks, slippers, thongs… Whatever you want and you’ll never again have to get frustrated looking for footwear. How’s that? (Alan)

Alan are you serious? That could cost a small fortune. Are you sure? (Shemicia)

Girl, what’s the point of having a fortune if I can’t spend a small fortune on my lady? That’s settled. You design whatever and Chauncy will make it for you. I might have him make me a few myself. LOL How about baby girl….does she need some too? (Alan)

Oh god no Alan….her foot grows too fast and it’d just be a waste of your hard earned money. I do LOVE the idea of designing my own footwear, though. You are amazing; I would never have dreamed to expect or want something like this. (Shemicia)

Baby you deserve to dream this and more. As long as I have breath and the means, I’ma do my best to give my girls the world. (Alan)

Alan, you’ve already done that. When you asked me to marry you and then you gave me this beautiful little girl….well, that was my world right there. The rest, my heart,  is icing baby….sweet, luscious icing. Let’s get outta her now. (Shemicia)

Mommy, Daddy… I’m hungwee! Can we pwease have some ice tweam and cake like mommy said. Her said she got sweet icee. (Alaina)

Alan and Shemicia laugh at their daughter’s remarks, as they leave the boutique.           Girl, I’m so tire, I just want to veg out somewhere. I can’t believe how busy we are today. I guess our jobs are secure. (Joanne)

Hope so, because I don’t have a generous boo taking care of me. (Sheryl)

Me either girl…me either! (Joanne)

And on top of that, these darn imitation bags of money won’t even pay attention. I wish I could throw them away. (Sheryl)

Just then, Jakku leads the way as Egypt approaches the counter with her arms full. While she is at the register, he continues to shop for her. After spotting a pure white fur coat, he scoops it up and proceeds to the counter. Stunned, Egypt, again, is left speechless. Joanne and Sheryl watch the couple as the seemingly forget exactly where they are.                          Once the adoring couple has left the boutique, Sheryl drapes herself over the clothing rack.   Oh lord where is my mane? Where’s the one who’ll buy me a new wardrobe and flash a gorgeous smile to me? Where’s my baby daddy? I think I’ll make pretty babies too. As soon as I get someone to make ’em with. (Sheryl)

Chile, don’t even stress yourself. We’ve only seem the tip of the iceberg. I have some friends who where moaning just like you but when the good lord sent -or they thought he sent -that forever lover, they couldn’t wait to send him back! No…..I’ll  wait for the brother who is worthy of my love and my body. Until then, I’m gonna rest these dogs! Ahhhhhhhh. (Joanne)     See the full PhotoVideo at this link: Jugglz: What 2 Wear Boutique

Thanks for shopping at the Jugglz: What 2 Wear Boutique. Keep following Brenova’s Blog for more stories here at the boutique and many more places.

10 thoughts on “Because I Love You: Jugglz What 2 Wear Boutique 

    1. Thanks Jaye. I’m a big proponent of love and relationships. Truth is, bad , hateful relationships are prevalent, which is why I enjoy bucking the trend. I like writing love stories. And it would be awesome to get shoes made.


    1. Thanks For the encouraging words Vickey.. I really appreciate it. All of these ladies made out pretty well. Hummm….maybe they’ll go furniture shopping next.🤔a furniture store…..thanks for the compliment!!


  1. Jakku and Alan are keepers. These ladies lucked out. The fact that their men are even there shopping with them is a plus. Love the conversations.

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