Christmastime In Brenova Town 

Enjoy the Christmas season with the residents of Brenova Town. The park has been decked out, featuring the highlight of the township center – the stately Christmas Tree. Join each resident as they happily enjoy the festivities.  Some are maintaining cherished Christmas traditions while others are establishing them anew. Let’s see what’s going on in this, a pictorial review.     The ladies of the fitness club “The Sweat Sisters” have setup for their annual Sweater party. Get a cookie from the container and a glass of punch from the punchbowl. Later on, they’ll all  head over to the park, to see the town tree.  A walk in the park at night to see the towns Christmas Tree. There’s nothing like lasting love. Lucius and Avon are loving their new Hometown.  Newlyweds, Paulo and Adrianna Sanchez are spending their first Christmas as husband and wife. They have decided that a visit to the park will be their annual holiday tradition.  Nafis and Naima Polk are overjoyed. Today, they found out that they are expecting their first child.   Oops…Olive falls into the sleigh. Choice to the rescue. Choice and Olive Handson have been married for four years and have come to the holiday park annually.   Say hello to Ms. Sanya Dungie, Esquire. Ms Dungie specializes in Estate Law and Wealth Management. Sanya has stopped by the tree, after a long day of work. A gourmet cook, she’s onward to home, to prepare a tasty meal. Time for a sleigh ride but where’s my horse? Myra Mason loves the Christmastime snow. As the owner/editor of the urban magazine,  Truth, Myra enjoys being outside in the action.                                              


Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season.. Remember to spread the love and to thank God for so many blessings.

Much Love


10 thoughts on “Christmastime In Brenova Town 

  1. Your couples are so loving and romantic. Everyone looks so good. I really like that red dress Myra is wearing. The coats are really nice. Did you make them?

    The park set up is so comfortable, I can see why so many people went there.

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    1. Thanks Jaye. You know me and love. I actually sat and just looked into the park for awhile after I finished. FYI: I purchased the fur coats from an eBay store. The name is: seller:aoe12117
      Check out her store.


    1. Thanks loads Linda. I spend a lot of time searching for props. I simply love what I do, as I’m sure you do. Blessings and Merry Christmas……work your New Year on purpose.


  2. Awesome post Bre!! I love their sweaters. There are so many. Where did you purchase them from? Also, the park looks awesome. It was nice reading about the couples and what the have going on….looking for to the birth of the baby :-). I see so much love in your blog!! :-)

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    1. 🙏🏿Thank you so much Vickey! I had a blast doing this one especially because I love Christmastime. The sweaters are actually tree ornaments from Michael’s. I just removed ( and kept) the miniature wire hangers and put the sweaters on the dolls. They fit perfectly.


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