He’s All The Man I Need

Back stateside, after a yearlong deployment to Iraq, Specialists Terry Yú is ready to resume life with his wife Donnalisa. Stay tuned for their continuing PhotoStories, as they shop for and make decisions together to achieve their dream home, all while the couple faces Terry’s bout with PTSD.

Although Terry is determined to regain control of his life, he is costently reminded about his experiences when he looks at his gloved hands-both healing from an explosives detonation while deployed. Lovingly supportive, Donnalisa patiently affirms her love for and belief in her husband consistently. 

Before his deployment, the couple had just purchased their first house. Wanting to share in the joy of building their home together, Terry asked his wife if she would wait for his return home to make the house their home. Donnalisa wholeheartedly agreed to wait. Join the couple as they move forward in making their home their own. 

See the full PhotoVideo at this link:He’s All The Man I Need

5 thoughts on “He’s All The Man I Need

    1. Thanks Van. PTSD is very serious. You’ll meet his doctor in future stories. This isn’t homage to the awesome service persons who give so much.


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