There Will Be Miracles 

Happening in Brenova Town
Left in the care of Patrice Holmes, while her active duty parents are both deployed overseas, Gabriella Chancellor is excited to receive a gift from her parents, Harold and Veronica. 

In the excitement, Gabbi and Patrice notice a little sadness in Rita. Upon talking to her, they find out that although she is happy for Gabbi, she’s sad because her parents will never be able to kiss or send her gifts. Patrice assures her that her parents are watching over her and that she is there to love her just as a parent does. To lighten the mood, Patrice suggest that they all go out for an ice cream treat, because she knows her sister loves ice cream. Sure enough, Rita throws up her arms in joy and the three of them head out for their treats. 

Patrice has her hands full raising her 13y/o sister, (after the death of both of their parents) and her teenaged niece. However, miracles still happen; she is doing a great job of parenting her young ladies.  Enjoy the DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova Production PhotoVideo, “There Will Be Miracles”  (See the full video at the end.)Gabbi and Rita share a bedroom. On Gabbi’s side-the pink side-you’ll notice that she loves anything to do with the beach and carousel horses. On Rita’s side-the green side-note that she loves dollhouses and anything to do with flowers. Most of all, the girls love sharing their room, especially the Bunk bed. 

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