Always Together Part 2

The last time we were with the loving couple, Lucius and Avon Fox, they were enjoying their newly completed home. Later that evening,  Montclair & Grace Fox and Menelik & Kya Eason, their children (along with their spouses) stopped in to visit their parents.

Montclair is the older of the two siblings. He is married to the beautiful fashion designer, Grace. Monty retired as a recruiter for the US Airforce; however, he continues as a private airline pilot. After five years of marriage, the couple settled in Brenova Town, where they met at a college reunion. Grace has decided to take off some time so that she and Monty can travel the world.

Kya is the younger of the two siblings. She is married to Menelik Eason-a professor in African Heritage/African American History and Studies at the University of Brenova Town. Kya is the founder and director of a nonprofit organization focusing on assisting middle income families during times of transition. The couple met while attending university and have been married for two years. They have resided in B-Town since graduating from college. 

Elated to see their children and to finally all be living in the same place after so many years, Lucius and Avon spend the evening catching up on the lives and events of their family. Enjoy these photos from the evening of love and conversation.  See the PhotoVideo at this link: Always Together Part 2      


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