BFF Night At Janay’s DC Home

It’s nighttime in Washington DC and…….

  It’s BFF Night; the ladies are enjoying each other’s company. Everything is rolling on when Janay makes a big announcement. Barbara, Terri and Shonda all stare across the table in amazement. 

Did you just say what I thought you said?!?!(Barbara)

Yes she did! I MUST be losing it!!(Terri)

No…Janay is the one who’s lost it! Are you outta your mind?(Shonda)

Always the cool one.. Ladies….why all the drama? I only said I was “thinking” about it.(Janay)

  Don’t think so much…you might ruin something that you can’t get back.(Terri)

Oh stop it silly. It’s my decision and when I make it you’ll be the last to know.(Janay)

Did she say Last? LOL (Barbara)

She certainly did and I don’t blame her. You cackling roosters would have it all around before she could tell that handsome hunk of a man, Billy.(Shonda)

No love. My Bill would be the first to know, trust me. He’s the paper to my ink. I love you ladies but I LOVE my Bill. Enough of this… Are you going shopping tomorrow Shonda?(Janay)

Meanwhile, later that evening…

Janay sits quietly in her living room, flipping through her photo album.  “I don’t know if I should’ve said anything to my girls. They mean well but, sometimes, they just don’t understand. After all, is what I want that unreasonable? Why shouldn’t we? God couldn’t have given me a better husband. I’m ready. He’s ready. We’re financially stable. Why not?”

It’s getting late. I wonder where Bill is. I think I’ll just sit here for a while.(Janay)

Janay always loves to sit in her rocking chair, next to her parents picture, when she has a lot on her mind. Although they are both deceased, her seeing their faces reminds her of what they would’ve thought or done. The youngest of three girls, many don’t know how devoted she is to her family.

Bill, honey, I’m in the living room.(Janay)

Oh, alright Babe, I’ll be right there.(Bill)

Stay tuned……

See the full DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova video at this link:⬇️

4 thoughts on “BFF Night At Janay’s DC Home

    1. Thanks Jewell. The girls love getting together. There are more stories featuring Janay and her sisters Renee and Rhonda. Follow them to get the whole picture. As a matter of fact, Janay & Renee’s husbands are brothers.


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