The Greatest Love Of All 

Tapestry Knox loves her ’60s inspired room. She is nuts about the ’60s & ’70s eras and polka dots. Even her beloved dogs Polka and Dot have dots on them. Today, Tapestry is excited because she is living her dreams. A recent college graduate, she is loving the life she has come to know. It may be cloudy outside but it’s always cheerful in her beautiful home.

The oldest of three siblings, Yapestry is happy to share her special day with her BFF sisters. Join then as the show each other love and respect.  Follow this link to see the full PhotoVideo: The Greatest Love Of All

Shoutout to my granddaughter Sanaa for the original artwork.

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Love Of All 

    1. Thank you so much! I felt a sixties vibe going on with the colors. This is one of my favorites. Thanks so much for watching and commenting. I spppreciate you!!


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