You Make Me Feel Brand New 

When last we saw Joanna, her mystery love was singing her praises in the PhotoVideo “Joanna”. (See the full photovideo here: Joanna )
Today, we meet her true love, Emmett Smythe. He is celebrating his birthday and Joanna has pull out all the stops to make sure he has a special day. She is showering him with awesome gifts – she knows her man and she knows what he likes. For instance, she has gotten him the oh so masculine, black Stetson hat which he has been eyeing for awhile. And, she didn’t stop there; she also purchased an expensive watch, a bottle of his favorite European cologne, two bottles of vintage wine and five dozen red roses. Emmett is overwhelmed-especially since the only gift he truly desires is the hand of his beloved Joanna in marriage.

Emmett knows that Joanna is the woman he wants to spend his life with and so does she. Joanna loves Emmett with all of her being but is afraid that she will fail, as her parent’s longtime marriage did. Undaunted, Emmett has found his perfect mate and he will do anything to make her see that he’s in for the long haul. Will today be that magical day? Will Emmett finally convinced Joanna that all of her resistance is in vain? Will Joanna give in to love and cleave to the man she so desperately loves and adores?  Follow the PhotoStory to the end to get the answers to these questions along with some exciting dialogue along the way. To see full PhotoVideo visit:You Make Me Feel Brand NewAfter opening his gifts, Emmett exits the room for a short while to change his pants. As he’s gone, Joanna looks around the room, taking in the feel of her man.Emmett, now retired from professional sports, has become an avid polo player. His sportsmanship has earned him some handsome trophies. Also important to him is a rousing game of pool. He loves playing the game with his trusty friend, Sir Q, watching over him. You can always tell when Emmet is in residence; his hat and wallet rest on his favorite table. (Spotting her love’s hat, Joanna moves toward the table to pick up the hat for inspection.) Babe, I thought I saw a stain on your hat. Let me check it. (Joanna) 

Oh Gal, do worry about a little stain. I’ll take care of it. (Emmett) As he lifts the hat to place it on her head, the wallet next to the hat falls to the floor and spills. Hundreds fall to the floor but neither stop to pick it up. Come here woman and plant one right here. (Emmett) My pleasure big daddy! (Joanna)As the two busy themselves in a lip lock, Rudy and Raye, their canine companions, start to explore the goodies on the table. Just then, Emmett notices and reprimands the pups. Rudy, Raye…no samples from my birthday stash! (Emmett)  It’s then that Joanna sees and retrieves the wallet. Em, why are you carrying so much cash on you? I told you how dangerous that is. (Joanna) Jo-Jo, you know I carry what I need to do what I want. Don’t worry sweet lady, I have two friends to protect myself – Smith & Wesson! (Emmet) I just want you to be safe my love. I would die if something were to happen to you. (Joanna) When Emmett hears her sentiments, he feels the time is right to ask her to marry him, again.Then, my black beauty, if you really feel that way, prove it by spending your life watching over me. Marry me as soon as possible – like this week! Show me that you really can’t live without me – because I sure can’t live my life without you. I love you more than life woman  and you know it. (Emmett) Knowing that he is speaking from his heart and that see can’t live without him, Joanna can no longer hold out to true love and softly says, Yes Emmett, I desperately want to marry you right away. I do love you more than you’ll ever know. (Joanna) She then draws his head to her and softly caresses him near her heart. Emmett just rests there, soaking in the moment. Too excited to contain himself, Emmett rises and scoops Joanna off of her chair and holds her in his strong arms. Baby girl, you’ve made me the happiest man alive! (Emmett) Emmett heads for the doorway and Joanna enquirers as to his intentions. Gal, you just declared you’d be my wife…..we’re gong to the jewelry store and I’m gonna put the biggest, brightest ring on your hand so that you’ll need help to lift it!! Let’s go Mama! (Emmett) Joanna knows that her love has made up his mind and that there’s no stopping him now. In his heart, (and secretly in her’s too) today, the two of them had become husband and wife.

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