Always And Forever  

Who loves the costal life enough to build a room with a glass wall overlooking the water? Who loves the sea and anything to do with it? Who owns this lovely house in Belize? It’s Marcus and Cleo Royal along with their teenage daughters, California (Cali) and Tacoma. This trip they are joined by Marcus’ sister Olivia her husband Brian and their daughters Marva & Charleen. All are overjoyed to be vacationing in a rental condo house in Belize. 

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Follow this link for the photo video: Always And Forever Marcus Royal is finally on vacation; he’s getting lost in some old school records and turntable – even if he has to tune out everybody. 

Well alright now! Ain’t nothing like stretching out with a dose of real sho nuff jazz rapping in your ears. Sweeeeeet baby. (Marcus)​Print editor Cleo is elated to finally be on vacation.

 I’m so glad to sit here staring at the view, drinking lemonade, with uncombed hair and no pressing timelines….exhale (Cleo)14 y/o Cali (California) Royal loves her family. On the last night of the family’s Belize vacation, and before she puts her two little cousins to bed, she stops by her lounging father, Marcus, to kiss him Goodnight. What a great vacation, she thinks but now it’s time to get ready for school.It’s bedtime for everyone. Cleo leans in to kiss her husband Marcus Goodnight. Tacoma is stoked, being on vacation in Belize. She has been painting since she was 5 years old; now that she is 15, she has learned to journal her portraits in a book. 

OMG, this place is gooo-jess! I’m loving documenting how I interpret what I see! Cali, isn’t this the best place we’ve ever been with mom and dad? Cleo & Marcus did their thang this time. Love you mom! Love you daddy! (Tacoma) Next up is 15 y/o Tacoma, holding her bag of journaling equipment. After leaving her dad, Tacoma gives her mom a big hug and kiss. As they’re leaving the room, they turn to watch Marcus, as he continues to dig his music. Goodnight they say and head to bed. Tomorrow will be an early start.Olivia and Brian take their girls, Marva & Charleen, on every vacation. Tonight, though, it’s mommy and daddy time-ALONE. Oh baby…Mama can’t wait to put the girls to bed and then…its Daddy time. 

Come on girls; say Goodnight to everyone-it’s beddy-bye time. (Olivia) giving her husband Brian a suggestive glance.Brian is crazy about his three lovely ladies-Olivia, his wife and their girls, Marva & Charleen. Tonight, though, it’s mommy who is playing in daddy’s mind. Yeah baby…Daddy can’t wait to put the girls to bed and then…its Mommy time. 

Yeah girls; say Goodnight to everyone-it’s time to hit the sack. Tonight, Mommy & Daddy have some things we have to take care of. (Brian) giving Olivia a seductive wink.​Love is in the air and so the evening begins. See you in the morning. 

Make sure you follow the link at the top of the story to see the photo video. 

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