Peace Of NOMO – Part 1

To see the full PhotoVideo click this link: Peace Of NOMO Part 1

Happening In Brenova Town

Meet Ahn and Hideo – proprietors of NOMO – the hot new Japanese restaurant located in the International Food Pavilion in downtown Brenova Town. Tonight, they are entertaining their best friends and biggest supporters, Derek & Ameliana Jeter and Mark & Marjorie McGwire.
Watch as they enjoy one another In the DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova productions, “Peace Of NOMO”
Stay tuned for part 2 and to get information on a few of “the boys of summer” and their lovely wives. You won’t want to miss the stats of these great athletes and to find out what they’re doing as Brenova Town residents.

Brenova Town is a fictional place and no professional athletes are associated with this blog. Music copyright of Juanita Bynum
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2 thoughts on “Peace Of NOMO – Part 1

    1. Thanks Vanessa! This one took me some time to put together; it all started with the Asian bowl and ladle under the artwork and Hideo Nomo. He and my Barbie just fell in love. And yes her face is lovely. Blessings!
      (P.S. my Dena needs some closed in shoes)


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