Peace Of NOMO Part 2

The best friends/couples are continuing to enjoy the opening of Ahn and Hideo Nomo’s fabulous new Japanese restaurant, “NOMO.”

As the evening winds down, the couples enjoy the restaurant’s exotic blend of imported tea. Ahn is especially proud to serve the tea in her own family heirloom teaservice. More laughter and more love is the order for the night.

Soon, it’s time for the couples to say goodnight to one another. When all the guests and staff are gone, Ahn and Hideo share tender moments of love, reflection and gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Peace Of NOMO Part 2

    1. Awww thanks Vickey!! I so appreciate your sentiments. It took awhile to make this Diorama come to life. It all started when I purchased the bowl & ladle on the sideboard on the left under the artwork. It turned out better than I’d imagined.


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