Family Day at the Brenova Town TA&M Aquarium 

When last we saw Torrence Michaels, he was thinking about his family and how much he loves his career. If you’ll recall,Torrence Michaels is doing what he loves-teaching groups about marine biology. A graduate of BT University with a Masters in Marine Biology, Torrence jumped on the opportunity to be the lead Technical Aquarium & Marine Director at the T.A. & M. Aquarium in Brenova Town. Today, he is welcoming the BT community, along with his wife Sasha and their daughter Bryt. 

​It’s family day at the aquarium and many of Brenova Town’s families have shown up to enjoy the event. The little ones especially like it, because they get to play with a variety of sea shells, without getting into trouble. Watch as each person acts and reacts to the events of the evening.

Music (Dove) copyright of Cymande.
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2 thoughts on “Family Day at the Brenova Town TA&M Aquarium 

    1. Thanks so much! Everyone had a great time!! I loved making this dio; it’s difficult to break it down😪 It’s longer than normal because I didn’t have the heart to cut any of the scenes. Oh well. Lol O really appreciate you following my blog!!


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