Family Day at the Brenova Town TA&M Aquarium 

When last we saw Torrence Michaels, he was thinking about his family and how much he loves his career. If you’ll recall,Torrence Michaels is doing what he loves-teaching groups about marine biology. A graduate of BT University with a Masters in Marine Biology, Torrence jumped on the opportunity to be the lead Technical Aquarium & Marine Director at the T.A. & M. Aquarium in Brenova Town. Today, he is welcoming the BT community, along with his wife Sasha and their daughter Bryt. 

It’s family day at the aquarium and many of Brenova Town’s families have shown up to enjoy the event. The little ones especially like it, because they get to play with a variety of sea shells, without getting into trouble. Watch as each person acts and reacts to the events of the evening.

Music (Dove) copyright of Cymande.
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2 thoughts on “Family Day at the Brenova Town TA&M Aquarium 

    1. Thanks so much! Everyone had a great time!! I loved making this dio; it’s difficult to break it down😪 It’s longer than normal because I didn’t have the heart to cut any of the scenes. Oh well. Lol O really appreciate you following my blog!!


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