Got To Be There

Click here to see the full photovideo 👉🏾Got To Be There 👈🏾 and to see what went on last night, before their beloved husband and father went to work as a police officer. 
Who lives in this humble abode. Who is slicing up some homemade bread and frying up the chicken? Who’s lovable pooch is napping while patiently waiting on the family’s return? Ahhhhh….time will tell🤔. Until then👋🏾👋🏾

The Next Morning In Brenova Town 
Jericho Lewis got off earlier than expected and came home. 

After a shower, he sat down to a huge breakfast, prepared by Nykema. He thought to himself, “What army is this woman cooking for?!” But he didn’t dare say a word. As she got up from the table, he pulled his lady to his lap, as FayFay sat at their feet watching for crumbs. 

After a few kisses, Nykema informed him that her sister and brother-in-law were coming for breakfast and to take the girls for the day. Jericho was relieved but wished he wasn’t too tired to spend the free time with his love. What now…….

 Nykema finishes up cooking her massive breakfast and makes her way back to Jericho’s lap. After giving FayFay a few crumbs, finally she sits down to finish her plate before the family arrives.

Just then, Rayla bounds into the room and heads straight to her daddy’s arms – totally the daddy’s girl. She kisses her mom on the head before going to help her sisters to get dress. Always the life of the house, she skips her way out of the room humming a catchy tune. 
Nykema knows that it’s time for her to get dressed, but first, the cleanup. Jericho offers to help but she insists that he head to bed before everyone gets there. The rest of the day progresses as usual.

I hope you enjoyed your morning stopover with the Lewis family. Remember to watch the full length photovideo here 👉🏾Got To Be There 👈🏾 and to rate this story below. Thanks for stopping by DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova: I truly appreciate you!!!

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