Tomorrow (Better You, Better Me)

Thomas & Christie James (“Addictive Love” video) love to spend time with their children, daughter Leah (6) & Edward (Eddie) (3). This afternoon, the entire family gathered in Eddie’s room, just to have fun. After playing with his beloved train set and other sports related toys, it was time for Eddie to call it a night. 
Mama, Christy, lovingly tucks in her little prince and gently kisses his head, as big sister Leah watches and learns. James is touched watching his wife with their son. He lingers in the room a bit, after the family exits. There watching his boy, he thinks about the awesome responsibility he has to raise his son to be a great man. As he watches him, he prays for guidance and for the protection of his male child.#brenovablog #brenovatown #familylove #family #familytime #fathersandsons #protection #parenting #motherlove #siblings #sons #daughters #bedtime #bedroom #trainset #sportslover #blackboys 

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