A Mother’s Day Song For Mama 

Look who came home and thoroughly surprised their mother for Mother’s Day. All four sisters and the niece who was adopted and raised as a daughter made it home. To throw suspicions off, they sent several vases of flowers with their apologies for not being there. All Mama could do was to look at her picture album, drink her evening tea and enjoy her bird, Sara. That is until she looks up to get the shock of her day. Standing in the doorway are all five of her beloved daughters!

Mama, as her girls call her, is a phenomenal mother to her daughters. Most people don’t know that Mrs. Aurora Wellington-Smythe is their mother and that she gave birth to all of her daughters (with the exception of her niece); none were adopted. Actually, her daughters are biracial, as their late father, Lincoln Wesley Smythe, was a very well off Black scientist. He, along with his scientist wife, holds the patents on several lucrative inventions. 
To refresh your memory, recall Brenova Town’s most reclusive resident- Mrs. Aurora Wellington-Smyth. Mrs. Wellington-Smyth lives alone in a mansion on the outskirts of Brenova Town as a retired scientist and widowed billionaire. Rarely seen; however, her anonymous philanthropic endeavors have long been apart of the fabric of Brenova Town. Although she looks mean, she is a very nice person who loves to work in her garden in addition to breeding and raising Dalmatian. She is hopeful that someday soon she will have some grand babies. 
Today, all of her daughters and their husbands and boyfriends are there to share some very exciting news with Mama. Watch as Stephanie (Steffi), Millicent (Milli), Amanda (Mandi), Rebecca (Becki) and Nichole (Nikki) react to their mother’s joyous surprise. Watch as Mama shares her love with everyone in the room. 
Follow Mrs Aurora Wellington-Smythe as the community comes to better know and love her and all of her acts of kindness.#brenovablog #brenovatown #mothersday #surprise #daughters #motherlove #lovingmother

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Song For Mama 

  1. How lovely! Great job as usual. And this song gave me goose bumps – one of my favourites! I haven’t heard it in ages. My husband is always complaining that I don’t have any older dolls in my mini-universe – no grandmas or grandads. I’m so glad you have one!

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    1. Wendy, I had taken the photos, waited until I found the CD containing this song, ordered it from Amazon and took delivery, because I knew it was the perfect song for this video.. Tell hubby that I’ll make sure to include older dolls in my dioramas too. This doll I’d from a Disney movie; I fell in love with her eccentric look.

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    1. Hi Fiona
      Thanks for following and enjoying my photo story. I absolutely love Mrs. Aurora Wellington Smythe. She is a blast to write for and to create dioramas for. I found this doll in a thrift store. I’m told she is a character from a Disney movie but I don’t know which one. I chose to develop her into my beloved character instead of the mean person whom she was. I’m sorry I can’t help you more. Stay tuned for more stories featuring Mrs. Aurora Wellington Smythe.


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