Cherish The Day

The last time we were with the Anjo Sisters, they were in the “Heads Up Hair Salon.”  They were preparing to meet Rhonda’s new fiancé Sam and to celebrate a milestone achievement for Janay and her husband Bill. Well, the day has finally come and the couples are in celebration mode. Join Renee and David, Janay and Bill and Rhonda and Sam in the DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova productions, “CHERISH THE DAY”
Music copyright of Sade.

To see the full PhotoVideo , follow this link: Cherish The DayFist up, meet Sam Jackson. Sam is an actor known for playing gritty characters. Rhonda is his lady love. The couple met in Paris, where Rhonda fled after a terrible breakup with her last boyfriend. Sam and his loving kindness and complete understanding has restored Rhonda’s faith in humanity. She is completely in love and committed to her and Sam’s relationship as is he. Bill Love is the husband of Janay. You’ll meet her next. Bill is the owner of a local radio station focusing on community service, talk and R&B music programming. He is a community activist; however, his first love and loyalty is to his wife and family. Janay is his high school sweetheart. Bill is also the brother of David Love, who happens to be married to Janay’s sister Renee. Janay is the sister of Rhonda and Renee aka The Anjo Sisters. She is happily married to Bill Love. The couple is ecstatic; tomorrow they will be bringing home their long awaited adopted son. Unable to conceive, the couple opted to adopt a child. Tonight’s dinner is in celebration of their new family inclusive of Rhonda’s love, Sam.Rhonda looks over at Sam in disbelief. She is thankful to God for sending a true man -one whom she claims as her own. As Rhonda looks at him, Sam gazed back at his woman. His heart beats hard as he realizes just how much he loves and adores this woman. Rounding out the guest list is David and Renee Love. As mentioned before, David is Bill’s brother and Renee is the sister of Rhonda and Janay. The couple are the proud parents of two daughters, Sasha and Lara. You can meet them in the story “Performance Night At The Love’s.”  David and Renee are the go-to couple for advice and encouragement. Their genuine concern for their family is evident. Their home is open and the family knows it. To see these two looking into each other’s eyes is to see real love in action-theirs is electric. Bill is a cardiologist and Renee is a makeup artist and personal stylist. Enjoy the rest of the night’s celebration through photos. Feel the love and excitement that comes along with fantastic life altering changes. Also remember to follow the link listed at the top to see the full photovideo of this story. Thanks for coming!!

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