Ebony Woman

​Happening In Brenova Town 

You met Ebony Womack aka Ebony Woman, a few months ago.  Age: 34; Occupation: Proprietor and Creative Director of the theater “Experience The Culture” or “ETC” in Brenova Town 

Ebony is also a renowned dancer and actress. She enjoys cooking and has an extensive movie, CD and vinyl record collection; she loves to host movie themed parties, in her “spare” time. On top of all of that, Ebony is in love. 

I know who will love everything about this Pink baby. (Riley Cavanaugh) 

Riley knows just who to call to purchase this Bright Pink Camper. He knows someone who absolutely adores all things pink and happens to be in the market for a camper. He is also madly in love with this “Ebony Women” and wants the world to know it. Let’s see who he calls; will today be the day that he finally realizes the love of his life?​

4 thoughts on “Ebony Woman

    1. PS Gabriella (Gabby Douglas) and Diondre (Classic Cool) look so good together. (Those are my names for them.) I’ve been thinking about who will be finding romance in season two of the West Enders – you’ve definitely given me an idea! Now how to plot them meeting each other… :-)

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