More Than Chance

Lea Laney Love is a singer/performer/producer. Her stage name is “L. L. Love.” Ms. Love is 30y/o and loves her pooch Poppy. She is an avid cook and loves to entertain.

Today, Lea is finishing up her Christmas shopping and picking up a few things for her holiday menu. Before leaving the mall, Lea decided to, finally, get her ears pierced and stops by to check out the vintage motorcycle which was on display. She loves motorcycles and has every intention of owning one, someday. Today, she’ll just pretend.

While totally engrossed in her imagination, Lea never sees Liam Martin watching her on the old cycle. As he watches her, he thinks that she is gorgeous and very sexy sitting on the hog. Unaware of her fame and who she is, Liam’s attraction is real.

Liam Martin is a great man. Active duty for the past ten years, he is now stationed at Fort Obama in Brenova Town. He is now at a crossroads, deciding whether to retire or to re-enlist. He needs something or someone to motivate his decision.

Oh my gawd-this baby is smoking. Ooo I’ve got to get a feel for this one. (Lea)

She gets on the cycle and starts stroking it and dreams of owning one herself. Meanwhile, Liam walks up behind her. Knowing that she’s unaware of his presence, he doesn’t want to startle her. He lightly clears his throat, which pulls Lea back to the present. She quickly looks over her shoulder and then gets embarrassed.

Oh, I’m sorry. I was trying not to scare you. You seemed like you were a million miles away, riding your bike. I really didn’t want to disturb you. (Liam)

Oh my goodness. No, I’m sorry. I’m sitting on here like I own this beautiful baby. It’s okay. I’m glad you brought me back. (Lea)

They both laugh. Liam introduces himself as does Lea. After conversing for a while, Lea realizes that Liam doesn’t know who she is; it’s quite refreshing. The two continue their encounter, realizing that they have definitive chemistry. They both agree to meet up for dinner at a place which Lea will designate. Knowing it’s time to leave, Lea ecstatically grabs her shopping bags and heads for home. Liam takes a seat on the cycle, watching this breath of freshness walking away. As he sits there, he knows in his heart that their chance encounter will be life changing for both of them. Breath Liam.

Stay tuned to DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova for the rest of this couple’s story and more.

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