Get Real

Girly, you think I’m joking. You gonna look up one day and see my back zipping on a hog like this one. (Donnell)

That ain’t never gonna happen Donny Boy. First of all, you can’t ride a regular bike more less a motorcycle. Second. Have you taken a look at your stiff behind? Bro, what? You think your skinny tail is articulated or something? Haven’t you noticed that we’re BOTH frozen in our poses?! Neither one of us could bend enough to ride even a Barbie bike so pa-lease stop tripping. (Kinisha)

Oh, best believe I’ma get articulated one day and you’ll be hopping after me on my Harley-Davidson. (Donnell)

Well till then, can we hop on to get something to eat? I’m starving. (Kinisha)

#hegotjokes #ken #petitebarbie #asianbarbie #asiandolls #barbiefashionista #harleydavidson #motorcycle #brenovablog #brenovatown #christmastime #dollphotography #dollphotogallery #stevendoll #humor #uglysweater

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