Not My Dark Chocolate

You met the Queens sisters, (Ur’Highness, Ur’Royalty, and Ur’Majesty) last summer. Today, they have stopped by the cycle to-we’ll… let them tell you.

(U’High is imagining herself riding on the bike.) Seriously, can you see me riding with all of that god-awful wind peeling at my gorgeously perfect dark chocolate skin! You must be mad. I know they say “Black don’t crack” but even Black will crack in a wind tunnel! (Ur’Higness)

Oh High, please try not to be so blasted vain! You’ve got your “dark chocolate“ face covered up and we’re still indoors. (Ur’Royalty)

Yeah girl, please. We see all the products you slap on that holy temple of a face. Your “Black” is gonna crack from the weight of that makeup. You need a wind bath to get it of every day. (Ur’Majesty)

Don’t be hating on me because I’m stunningly gorgeous. This level of perfection takes time and artistry AND the know how to work my Black Girl Magic. (Ur’Highness)

Maj, we’re just wasting our time AGAIN, trying to reason with the unreasonable. I give up. Let’s go home so we can eat. (Ur’Royalty)

You know you’re right Roya! We need to let girlfriend alone and love her regardless of her grandiose views. Come on oh perfect one. Let’s get you to your castle before you meltdown. (Ur’Majesty)

Well I’m glad you two finally get it. Y’all know I love you Boo ‘n Boo. Let’s eat. (Ur’Highness)

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