Always And Forever

Always And Forever

Sisters Candina and Shellianna have come together a day early, to prepare their families Easter dinner. Assisting them is Candina’s daughter, twelve year old Parker.

Finally, with all of the food preparations completed, everyone has time to visit and enjoy one another’s company. Not long before, Dindi (pronounced Jinji) had arrived at the home of his in-laws, Candina and Kendall, with his baby girl Darci in tow. The two had been on a walk, after accompanying his niece Buni to the neighborhood playground.

Now all together, each couple reflects upon their collective and individual families, most especially new father Dindi.

All evening, he watches his wife, the woman who recently gave him his precious daughter, feeling and wanting too embrace her in his arms. He reminisces about being present in the delivery room and watching his beloved wife labor to bring his baby girl into this world. The image of her being born is permanently etched into his mind; he has vowed to love and cherish his wife, Shellianna, always and forever.

2 thoughts on “Always And Forever

    1. Thanks for you kind words! These two ladies are beautiful. The guys seem to fit them perfectly. I wish I could afford MTM bodies for all my Doll’n but I’d go broke. Thanks so much for viewing!


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