Thank Heaven For You

Joanna and Emmett Smith are surveying the land where their new home is being built. (To get their backstory, go to and search for “You Make Me Feel Brand New”) The couple is ecstatic because soon they’ll get to move in.

Today, Emmett and Joanna have another surprise up their sleeves. Accompanied by the couple’s best friends, Grace and Monty (short for Montclair) Fox, the two have no idea that their friends have also had a house built for them. Shocked and filled with gratitude by their friends generosity, they can hardly believe their eyes.

The Fox’s lost their home in the massive flooding in Houston, Tx, where the couple built and resided upon Monty’s retirement from the military. Desperately wanting to get back home to the Brenova Town area, their friends made sure it happened as per their desires. They even made sure that it was big enough for their children and offered them their privacy.

Grace and Joanna know they have it going on. Best friends since childhood, they consider themselves to be sisters. Both are daring and strong women-who else would go rock climbing with heeled boots except these two fabulous ladies. Oh yeah! The only thing these two do after descending from their high up perch is to straitened a curl or two. Got to love ’em. Stay tuned DivaDolls Dioramas By Brenova to meet the family and to be invited to the house warming’s.

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