Holiday Logistics

Hello Lovely ones.

My name is Numa Holiday. I’m 35 years old and the CEO of Holiday Logistics; a family owned logistics company for small to large operations. I, along with my siblings, serve as the leadership of the company. I don’t have a lot of friends, because I believe friendships are to be treasured. Loyalty means the world to me, which is why I choose not to go headlong into making hordes of people my friends. I can say, though, if I’m your friend, it’s no holds barred; I’ll be there for you through thick and thin. Most of my friends have been lifelong friends. My husband and I went to elementary school together and have been friends every since. Besides my husband, my youngest sister, Najima, is the closest person to me. Don’t get me wrong; all of us siblings are tight friends, but Najima and I have a special bond. It’s probably because Mother was so ill after she was born and I felt like she was my babydoll to care for. When Mom got better, Najima was still my baby. I have two children whom you’ll meet at another time. Well, it’s time for me to meet Najima for dinner. Stay tuned right below me, to meet the rest of my siblings. See you soon.

Hello everyone

I’m Nioma Holiday; I’m the identical twin of Numa, whom you already met. As she stated, we operate the family logistics business. I am the numbers person in the family. My official title is that of the Chief Financial Officer. I’m a honored graduate of The U of Pa, Wharton School of Business, as are my siblings. I’m considered the introvert of the family. I’m here on vacation with my brother Najee, who thinks that I need to get my head out of the numbers and start dating again. You see, I had a horrible breakup with my ex-husband and have decided that I’d rather be alone for awhile. *hearing her brother yelling for her* Excuse me. Najee, I’m busy; please stop yelling my name-I’m right here. *turning back* I’m sorry; sometimes he forgets that the world has more folks than him on it. Anyhow, you’ll meet him and my younger sister Najima, soon. Well, let me go on and see what he’s yelling for. TTYL.

What’s up everybody. I’m Najee Holiday; the only testosterone amongst all of the estrogen in my family. I’m 33 and the Chief Operations Officer at Holiday Logistics. I run a tight ship around there. Have to, or folks will try to punk you every time. I may seem easygoing and full of fun, but I have a real dark side that lets everybody know that a brother don’t play games. Being the only dude in the family, I’m really protective of my sisters. It’s like when Nioma’s ex thought she was a boxing bag…..I had to handle my business. By the time he woke up in his hospital bed, bandaged from head to toe, he understood what it meant to disrespect me and mine. I’m jus sayin. Well, that was awhile ago and now it’s time for my sister to put that creep behind her and move on. I’m determined to get her back on the track to living a full life. *noticing Nioma coming towards him* Wait…excuse me y’all. Nioma….I’m over here. Well…it’s time for me to get busy. I’ll talk to y’all later-I got my work cut out for me. ✌🏽

Hi. I’m Najima Holiday and at Holiday Logistics, I’m know as “Ms. Personality.” Why? Simply because I’m the General Manager and acting Director of Sales and Marketing. I absolutely love what I do; therefore, it’s not a job, per se. Because I’m 30 and the youngest sibling, I had to fight just to break out of the role of the baby sister. It was tough, but when I started demanding more of myself and taking myself more seriously, my siblings started giving me my props too. Yeah; every now and again, they backslide but that’s why I love them so much. Actually, I’m passionate about mentoring young and older women to tapping into their full potential as active shapers of their world-however big or small it is. At H.L., I’m know to be patient and understanding while getting the best from the entire staff. Yes. At times there are some who mistake my leadership style as being gullible; however, they soon recognize that they are dreadfully mistaken. I’m cut from the same cloth as my brother Najee; I catch you, cook you, and I can feed you your behind on a silver platter then sip a glass of wine while you get carved up. I’m just saying. Anywho, I love kids; have two of my own. I’m married to the sexiest man on the planet, whom you’ll meet later. Well now, I was just supposed to be introducing myself to you and I’ve given you my life story. *LOL* I’m meeting my sister/BFF, Numa, for dinner and cocktails after work so I’ll be running on now. Catch you real soon with our family storylines. Ba-bye now.

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