When The Time Comes

Baby, I can’t believe what you’ve done. This place is beautiful-just like you. All I could think about was getting back here to you. Girl, don’t you know you’re my world? The only thing that motivated me to making it home was you. I love you Coral-I know you know that. (Geoff)

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Geoff, you have proven to me over and over how much you love me. And you know that I love and adore you too. I can’t imagine my life without you and I hope that I never will. Why do you think I’ve worked so hard to make a home for you when you get discharged? All I dream of is the day we’re together forever. (Coral)Come on Coral. Sit down. I have something really important I want to talk to you about.Babe, you know that I have just one year left on my military commitment, right? Well, *clears throat* I was thinking that, maybe, you’d consider marrying me sooner and you coming and spending the next year with me. (Geoff)

*A strange silence fell over the room, before either made a peep*

*A stunned Coral breaks the silence, after looking around the room* Geoff, you cannot be serious. Do you understand what you’re asking me to do? Do you know that you’re asking me to give up everything that I’ve worked for so long and hard to give us the life we’ve been dreaming about? What about my career Geoff? I’ve finally gotten the position that I’ve fought for and now you’re asking me to just abandon it? Geoff, I just purchased this house, to make sure that you come back to a warm and loving home. What about that? I can’t just walk away from the life that I thought we both wanted. Geoff I love you so much, but I don’t think that I should or need to give up everything so that we can spend the last leg of your journey-no-our journey together. What’s going on? Am I missing something? Talk to me Geoff. What’s going on? (Coral)

*Standing up to face Coral, he looks her deeply in her eyes*. Baby, it’s just that when I’m away from you, I feel so down and empty. I feel like our lives are just drifting apart and because I don’t have the freedom to come and go as I please, I think that you’ll get tired of being stuck with me-the human albatross- around your life. Here’s the thing-I know that I can be everything you need in a man, it’s just that I’m stifled by my commitment. Don’t get me wrong; serving in the military has been real good for me-for us. I’m grateful for everything. I just need to know that you’re going to be happy and secure while I’m away again for so long. Coral, baby, don’t you know that you’re my life? I’m at my best, when I know that you’re experiencing your best. No- I know I’m just trippin; I’d never want you to give up on all the greatness that you’ve accomplished just to sit around making my insecurities your problems. (Geoff)

*They both head to the sofa. While softly rubbing his head, Coral speaks* Geoff, my love, my heart, my man….don’t you know that you’re the beat of my heart? You are not now and will never be an albatross in my life. You are the weight that gives my life such excellent balance. Man, everything that I do, that I accomplish in my life is as a result of you being such a strong and loving, beautiful part of my life. You give me a reason to be the best woman who I can be. I’ll wait for you as long as I have to, because I know that when we’re finally together….baby we’re gonna treasure each and every day and fabulous night. Yes I’ll wait, because you, Geoff Treadman, are worthy of the wait. (Coral)

*The two lower the lights and sit together trying to hold one another tight enough to engrave this moment in their hearts.

*After awhile, Geoff walks to the window and stares out. Coral follows him but sits on a chair facing his back. As she sits there, she is overcome with emotions, knowing that her love will shortly be leaving her for yet another year. When Geoff turns to see her breaking down, he reaches out to her. Trying to change her mood, he reminds her that they have a wedding to plan for and that she should get started right away* Come here girl. Now wipe those tears right outta your big beautiful eyes. We don’t have time for crying because we have a big wedding to plan and we need to get going right away. Tell your Mama and your sisters and your gal friends that everything has to be ready when I step offa the plane one year from now. I say set that date for one year from this very day and we’ll celebrate our anniversary day every year for the rest of our lives on that date. How’s that sound to you? (Geoff)

*Coral’s ears perked up when Geoff started talking about wedding planning* Oh Geoff…are you serious? Can I really start planning for our wedding day? I can officially tell my family it’s time to get it going? (Coral)

Baby Girl, I’m serious as four heart attacks. You can go ahead and plan your heart out and I’m with you on whatever you want to do. Just don’t make me look like a pimp and I’m good. You can FaceTime me when you need me. How’s that? (Geoff) *knowing that planning a wedding will make the year easier to handle is just what he wants*

Oh baby, you know that it’ll be classy and that you’ll be the finest chocolate groom on the planet. Thanks babe. I love you more than you’ll ever know. (Coral)

And so the year begins………

6 thoughts on “When The Time Comes

    1. Thanks Phyllis! I have been trying to avoid a wedding for awhile but I guess it’s catching up with me.🤣😂 Looks like I’ve written myself into at least 1 or 2 sometime this year. 🤷🏾‍♀️


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