U 4 Me and Me 4 U

When nobody else fits me the way you do ❤️💯❤️💯

Porter Mason and Marnita (Marni) Copeland have been together since high school. Both are driven but together, they strike the perfect balance – as long as people stay out off their relationship.

This couple is gorgeous, inside and out, and ready to share a lifetime together; however, that’s not always what others want to see for them. But not to worry, they’re on to the schemes and deceptions of folks who mean them no good.

Enjoy a few photos of this couple and stay tuned for more of their story.

#truelove #love365 #valentine #heartthrob #morethanvalentines #morethanaday #friendsandlovers #hugsandkisses #brenovatown #brenovablog #freshsquad #marnisenofonte #barbie The Fresh Dolls

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