Date Night At Roley Poli’s

Sisters Isha & Larue double date for the first time, after being apart for three years. Larue, also, has a secret that she’s hiding from her sister but she wants to come clean. Nevertheless, the couples enjoy the evening and agree to meet up the next day.

Sisters together at last.

Isha and Larue Kamari have waited a long time to introduce their respective loves to each other. If you’ll recall, Larue has just returned from abroad, after three years of designing specialized custom luxury homes, as a successful architect. While abroad, she met and married Griffin Kendell. They met when he was the builder of one of her custom homes. They’ve been secretly married for almost six weeks.

Just like her older sister, Isha is also an architect. She is extremely excited for her sister to be back home but knows nothing about her marriage. Tonight, Larue will meet her sister’s fiancé, Lavar Blake Friday, and she will introduce her husband to her sister; however, not as her husband. The two couples are double dating at the Italian restaurant “Roley Poli’s.”

Now that everyone has been introduced and the tables have been prepared, the couples are seated. After a little while, their server Mbali Nala Perrson, introduces herself and gives suggestions while she answers their questions. The table orders the house specialty; the server collects the menus and leaves the table.

Mbali, their server returns to the table with a cart containing glasses with ice, bottled waters, breadsticks, stuffed mushroom caps, meatballs and individual salads. There is also an assortment of fruits.

The couples enjoyed their appetizers and salads while getting to know one another with great conversation. They were all ready, though, for the main course.

The main entree looked and smelled great. The aroma of the family sized lasagna was magnificent! The casserole dish was filled with bubbling cheese. Along with the lasagna, there were bowls of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Also, the couples each got a bottle of red wine. They all dug in and thoroughly enjoy their delicious meal.

With dinner now over, the couples hug one another before posing for couples photos at the back wall of the restaurant. The couples are all smiles- everyone except for Larue; she hates keeping her marriage a secret and really wants to be with her husband. She’ll just have to figure out a way to tell her.

Griffin and Larue with Lavar and Isha: Photos at the rear wall of Roley Poli’s Restaurant

Please, come again to Roley Poli’s Italian Restaurant, where the Roley Poli chefs will greet you!

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