Cups ‘N Cakes (pt 2)

The end of another busy yet successful week and Vincent, finally, gets the chance to sit down and reflect. Everything is nice and quiet, until he hears a familiar voice.

What’s happening big guy? Looks like folks got a brother clinging to the chair for dear life?! (Najee)

Well look who in the hell decided to put our humble establishment on his busy route. Whatzup Bro? (Vincent)

Man, you’d betta recognize. If the dude is in the hizouse, y’all know it must be tight. Brotha don’t be messing with no stank, nasty junk. (Najee)

*both laughing* Sho U Rite! (Vincent & Najee)

I had a sweet tooth and the only thing to set it right is anyting baked by sweetness herself, the notorious CRG. Is she working today? (Najee)

She sure is Bro. Here let me put this back and I’ll go announce your highness proper. (Vincent) *heads to the back bakery where Columbia is*

Yo Sis, guess who’s out front just dying to get his hands on your sweet stuff? *laughing at his sister’s confused but interested face* It’s my brother, Najee. I’ma bring him back to get some goodies and to say hi. He claims to have a sweet tooth that only the notorious CRG can take care of. (Vincent)

V please tell me that you’re not gonna bring Na…Najee back here! can’t do that..because I’m still cleaning up. No..I have.. I only have cookies and they aren’t even close to my best. Tell him I’m closed. Yeah! Tell him that I went out the back and you didn’t know it! (Columbia)

Columbia Rae! What’s wrong with you?! Why would I lie to my brother like that? Have you lost your marbles Sis? Oh, oh I get it; you’re playing with me. You almost had me going for a sec. Real funny. Now let me call him back. Yo Najee-come on back man. (Vincent)

* Columbia starts to feel a real flush of nerves and heat building up inside of her. She feels totally unprepared to face her love but she’s absolutely trapped, this time. For weeks now, she’s managed to keep her distance and now, all of her defenses are crumbling down. She feels totally exposed; then she sees those piercing eyes. She can feel her blood about to boil over when he calls her by name*

Hi beautiful Columbia (saying with sexy Spanish accent) It’s been a long time baby and still you’re as sexy as ever. How’ve you been gorgeous? (Najee)

*With all of her emotions betraying her at one time, Columbia feels her hormones fighting with her common sense. In what seemed like an eternity, when she looked at Najee for the second time, his face seemed to have an indescribable glow shining on him. Again, she felt extreme heat and slightly dizzy. Embarrassed, she tried to respond, but her words got stuck in her throat. At last, she had to face the day she’d been avoiding for a long time. But, is she up to it? Will she get control of herself or will she just make her brother and her heartthrob think that she’s just a bumbling idiot?

After awhile, Columbia looks like she’s about to pass out; however, Najee bolts behind her to help her get steady. Unbeknownst to him, his touch releases fire within Columbia as her knees weaken. 

Dreadfully embarrassed, but so glad to finally be in his embrace, Columbia gathers herself enough to get control of her situation. Thinking she may never have another opportunity like this one, her feminine instincts kick in. Slowly she turns to face Najee, while still in the grip of his strong arms.

Oh Najee, I’m so embarrassed. Here we’ve not seen each other for awhile and I go falling into your big strong arms. What would’ve happened if you hadn’t been here to catch me? (Columbia)

Don’t worry about it beautiful; I was supposed to be right here to catch you. Are you alright? Do you need a chair or something? (Najee)

Thanks, but no. A chair could never give me the support and caring that you’re giving. *giving him sexy vibes while gazing straight into his eyes*

*Picking up on her cues, he feels the chemistry building between them* Aww baby girl, you can fall into big daddy’s arms any time of the day or night. I’m just glad to have you in my arms right this minute. Are you sure you’re alright? (Najee)

Well, how about we-you and me-go out and get a bite to eat. I’m kinda hungry myself. *Looking strait at Columbia* (Najee)

Both of them feel their attraction to one another and decide to finally completely give in. Neither one of them notices Vincent starring at them, until he clears his throat and startles them.

Is this a private tasting or is a brother invited? (Vincent)

Real cute V. Najee was just helping me out a bit, when I noticed how beautiful his eyes are. Then I saw something on his lip and was about to fix it when you rolled in here. (Columbia)

Yeah bro. Your sister was about to work on my lips, when you barged in. Go ‘head baby girl; finish working on me. (Najee)

Vincent catches their drift and turns to leave, but he notices their apparent attraction.

Columbia and Najee have finally decided to give love a try. Both are excited to see where their changing relationship will go. Columbia feels as though she’s in a dream but refuses to wake up.

I’ve got to run take care of a few business things then I’ll come by your place to pick you up for dinner. Alright beautiful? (Najee)

Okay love; I’ll be waiting for you. *hating to let him go, fearing she’s going to wake up from a dream* Hurry back. (Columbia)

Don’t worry baby girl. I’ll be back, before you miss me. (Najee)

Too late mister. But I’ll be patient. (Columbia)

*Najee walks away but continues to look back at Columbia. It may have taken both of them longer than they’d like; however, each one of them, somehow, knew that they were in love and destined to be together.

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